Last Day to Sand Bag – July 14

Today is day two on the antibiotic and tomorrow I need to get back on the trail. I have laying around all day with my foot elevated watching my 10 inch TV (see below). I have taken some time to journal and reflect but I am ready to put the new pack on my back and attack the rocks of PA.

I went to breakfast this morning at a family restaurant about 3/4 mile down the road. After ordering my blueberry pancakes, I asked the young waitress if she knew about the boat in the Port Clinton town sign. She got a puzzled look on her face which indicated the lack of any explanation. However, a couple at a nearby table confirmed the canal boat origins. On my walk home I passed by a local museum (which was closed) and what did I see in the window but a canal boat (I had to get a photo of the building and the boat). I still think the town sign looks like Noah’s Ark but I at least understand the sign.

I have met some nice people during my stay here. I may have met close to 10% of the town’s population. After the hike, I might return and run for mayor – on second thought….




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5 thoughts on “Last Day to Sand Bag – July 14

  1. Monda

    Port Clinton Hotel

    The Port Clinton Hotel, served as a stagecoach stop between Sunbury and Philadelphia in the early 1800’s. Stagecoaches stopped at the Port Clinton Hotel, which was a great social center where news from other states and even foreign countries was exchanged. In fact, it became customary when signing the hotel register to add any news that they thought might be of common interest. The hotelkeeper and his family cared for the driver and passengers stabled the horses and entertained with a fiddler and dances.
    The hotel’s birthname was the “Gately Hotel” and is now named the “Port Clinton Hotel”. Situated in southern Schuylkill County, the unique little town clings on the hillside and embraces the peninsula between the Little Schuylkill and the main river. Port Clinton takes its name from De-Witt Clinton on the Erie Canal, and was laid out in 1829. A thriving community for many years for large shipments of coal which was brought to Port Clinton by the primitive railroads and was loaded on canal boats for shipment. The Schuylkill Canal passed through Port Clinton and many of the residents of the little borough received employment on the railroad and the canal. The Schuylkill Canal centered around two major terminals, Port Clinton on the north side of the Schuylkill Gap and Kernsville on the south side. The last boat to leave Port Clinton’s once crowded basin was the Mary Rose, which took a load of coal to the state sanatorium at Hamburg just before the outbreak of World War II in 1939.

    In the flood of 1850, Port Clinton suffered heavy damage. The heavy bridge carrying the tracks of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad was completely carried away. And in 1854, The Auburn and Port Clinton Railroad Company was chartered.

    Many of the canal boat crews lived at the Port Clinton Hotel in the months when the canal was frozen over. Canal navigation usually began on St. Patrick’s Day and continued until the early part of December. During the winter the boats were laid up and the entire family lived on them. A school was conducted for children and the boatmen worked at odd jobs or sat about in taverns.

    Today, the Port Clinton Hotel is located in the Borough of Port Clinton, PA and is located on Route 61 (formerly Route 122 which was divided by 2 to name the new State Road) just a minute north of Cabela’s 250,000 sq. ft retail store – World’s Foremost Outfitter of Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Gear. During the spring and fall season, many of our guests are Appalachian Hikers who stop by to refresh, chat and have a good meal as they venture the trail from Maine to Georgia.

    Welcome to the Port Clinton Hotel – a unique casual dining experience, serving lunch and dinner 6 days a week and known for “the biggest and best portions in the area”!

    So… my question is – what hotel did you stay in?

    • Monda – Thanks for all the great info on Port Clinton. It has quite a wonderful history. I am staying above the restaurant at the current Port Clinton Hotel.

  2. I hope you have recuperated fully to continue the second half with more energy and strength than the first. Praying that your journey be filled with joy and fortitude — in the worship of our great God!

    • Matt – thanks for your prayers. The shin feels a bit better today and I am trusting that another good night’s sleep and dose of antibiotic will enable me to continue strong. God is so faithful!

  3. Praying that you are fully recuperated and energized to continue your journey. Also praying that you will have no further unpleasant encounters with the rocks of Pennsylvania, or any of the other remaining states, for that matter!

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