Major Rain Storm Delays My Departure

July 15

I slept through the storm, but the locals said the clouds provided buckets of rain last night. The threat today was severe thunder storms but the painful hobble to the bathroom this morning was the deciding factor in staying one more day in Port Clinton.

Tomorrow is “H” day – either hike or go home. Please pray that it will be very clear to me if I should pack up and hit the trail or arrange for a rental car to end the journey.

The lady in the post office saw me this morning and asked about my leg; I went into the Peanut Shop and the cashier told her fellow worker all about my injury; the waitress in the hotel inquired about my situation; and I met Fred’s (trail angel who gave me a ride to Urgent Care) wife on the way to breakfast. This is quite a friendly town when you spend some time here – but it is way past time to move on.

It is kind of a sad day to have no photos from the trail. Instead a snapped two shots from the front porch of the hotel. The first shows the major four-lane highway right out front (PA Rt 61) and the second looks at the climb I will make as I leave the community.



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14 thoughts on “Major Rain Storm Delays My Departure

  1. Ron and Gail Hostetler

    Oh my! We are praying that your decision will become crystal clear. It brings tears to my eyes to think about you having to get off trail. Here’s to hoping that your leg will recover enough to continue on and that God still wants your feet on the AT footpath. If not….then your feet are still on HIS footpath and that is what matters. Ron and Gail

    • Ron and Gail – thanks for the prayer and words of hope. My goal is to hike out tomorrow. I hope to post a photo early in the day from atop some mountain.

  2. jim

    Keep going if you can…it’s hard to get back to the trail once having left…will pray for you…

  3. katjandu

    Oh Dave, I am praying for clarity for you as we all pray for your hike. I truly am thankful you weren’t on the trail during those buckets of rain last night. May your shin heal greatly tonight. God Bless. Jan ‘n Ladd

  4. Praying for you!! I just read an email you sent to me and now I am on your blog reading your post for today. Please be encouraged by the words you sent to me as you were reflecting on preparing for your hike: “And when we can’t take another step, The Father will pick us up and carry us in His arms. And even on our best days, He says, ‘Remember you’re not home yet, so don’t get too comfortable, after all, all we are is just pilgrims passing through’.” SCC 🙂

    Hang in there!!! Another day or so of rest need not end the journey. Allow Him to use this time to minister to you just as you have allowed Him to minister to you on the days on the trail. This stay may be His plan for protecting you in some way. God’s got this! Peace of Christ to you!

    • Mitzi – I quote this song just about every day! It ministers to me so much. Thanks for reminder, the encouragement, and the support. You are so greatly appreciated.

  5. Kathy Reno

    Keep on trucking -trekking
    Praying for your leg.
    Kathy Reno

  6. Kurtz

    We are praying, of course…but don’t hesitate to rest a day or two longer in a relaxing town. A few days more of healing might make all the difference. “If any of you lacks wisdom…ask…and it wil be given….” You have asked, and The Lord has promised to give.

  7. janloyd

    Amen to all of the above and praying for you…God’s wisdom and empowering, dear brother!

  8. Mark shaeffer

    Dave, What a challenging test you have before you. I agree with Mitzi. Another day or two before the major decision will not hurt. The LORD will provide for you because He is faithful. “He shall call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him.” A portion of Psalm 91. Jan says you were so encouraging to her on continuing with her project so we are rooting for you to continue your project if God allows. Praying for Wisdom form above for you.

  9. HiFiGuy

    I’m praying for you Dr. Rough…may God’s will be done.

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