July 16 -Back on the Trail

I decided to continue my adventure in the AT. A rabbit escorted me out of Port Clinton and a deer encouraged me half way up the climb out of the town. I have not come to a good view yet, so I just took a shot of the trail where I am. The rocks and boulders challenged me earlier this morning but right now the trail is nice and calm. I am about 4 miles from my hotel and headed toward water at the first shelter I will pass today.

If I encounter some cool parts of the AT today I might try to post again this evening. Thank you all so much for praying and to those who commentated or sent me messages, I so appreciated your words of support!!


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14 thoughts on “July 16 -Back on the Trail

  1. Dan Patterson

    Been praying for you Roudy. Glad you will be continuing – you are such a blessing to me. Hope to see you in a couple weeks 🙂

  2. Nina

    So glad you decided to continue; holding you up in prayer.

  3. Matt

    Take it easy. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  4. Back on the trail! Praying for the leg and a great day of hiking.

  5. Diane Brads

    Glad you were able to continue! Andy and Sarah Brads and family are here and we are all pulling for you.

  6. janloyd

    Yay! Praying as always…God is WITH you in every way possible, hallelujah!

  7. Pleased to hear that you are back on the trail. Praying that the pain is gone, and that the healing is complete so you can press on to the finish. God’s blessings for protection and safety as you journey onward!

  8. Susan Farmer

    So glad to hear you are able to move forward. We are praying, praying for healing, strength and peace of mind. We so enjoy your daily postings. We are looking forward to the book you will write one day. 😊 Blessings, Sulu and Gary

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  9. Yayayayay! I am so glad you are still going for it!

  10. Marvin and Brenda Morris

    Dave, when We read that you might have to quit the AT due to your injury, we stopped what we were doing and immediately prayed and asked God to touch you in a special way regarding your injury so that you could continue your Hike. So happy to hear that you feel better and can go on. Know we are praying much for you!

  11. We’ve been praying for you uncle Dave and will continue to! Chris knows someone who has been following you and they mentioned you are the only one left on the trail of the many they were following. Praying God continues to give you strength to finish your journey!

    • Thanks for your encouraging words. Lots of hikers have had to go off trail – some with injury, others run out of money, others just get tired of walking. Lots of great things ahead – I hope I can finish. God is faithful!

  12. Bill Norvell

    Sure appreciate your blog & continuing to pray for your safe journey & return home!

    • Bill – thanks for the encouraging comment. “Home” is a special word right now in my heart. I am just taking the long way home.

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