The Knife was Incredible – July 17

My AT guide called them “boulder climbs” but it is hard to describe the mountain of boulders that the hiker must navigate in order to follow the trail. My first of about five climbs to today was the Knife. It led me to the ridge and then I walked along the ridge moving from boulder to boulder – it was great fun, incredibly difficult, slightly terrifying, and very slow moving. The view at the top was super (see photo)

I walked into town (Palmerton). It is 1 & 1/2 miles off the trail – I am staying at a few hostel and enjoying a great burger at a local restaurant. I am faced with a huge climb tomorrow morning as well as miles of …… rocks.


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7 thoughts on “The Knife was Incredible – July 17

  1. Penny Chandler

    Dave, so happy to hear you are on the mend and able to continue on your journey. Your pictures and updates are uplifting to us as you say our messages are comforting to you. You are inspiring with your energy and strength! Hope your strength continues and you continue to a full recovery. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Sara and Dan and clan were over last night and we always have conversation about your journey. We all love to hear Haven answer our question of where is Poppy with “he’s hiking in woooods!” Know that you are not alone with all the people following you and rooting for you. Hike on, Dave!

    • Penny – thanks for such an encouraging post. I can just hear Haven as she makes “woods” a five syllable word! God has been so faithful in providing such a wonderful family.

  2. kristin whitesell-blatz

    We are so happy you are doing better. Our family is praying for you daily. Our girls look forward to reading your updates every day. They are excited for you to complete your journey and to be back at school! We will continue to pray for strength and safety for you. “be strong and courageous! For the Lord goes with you wherever you go!”

    -the Blatz family

    • The Blatz Family – thank you for following my adventure and for your prayers for me. It has been incredible so far and lots of great things ahead.

  3. Mark shaeffer

    Perfect timing on the phone call today. We miss you and all want to see you at the finish line especially me.

  4. Continuing to pray earnestly for you. Your phone call yesterday was the capstone of two good days of meetings. We will look forward to seeing your face again soon at the table! Finish WELL!

    • Dan – it was so good talking to the ATeam. I really appreciated your prayer for me. It will be so good to get back to the table. I am at such peace knowing leaders like you are getting ready for the school year.

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