Wind Gap, PA -July 18

Well the day is done and I made it to Wind Gap. After the climb up the mountain outside of Palmerton, the day was filled with rocks of all sizes – from boulder climbs, to large rocks, to small rocks that twist your feet and have sharp edges. The hike was more irritating than difficult. (I posted two photos of some boulders climbs I encounter during my afternoon stroll in Pennsylvania)

Great trail blessing today. A man is following his wife and daughter as they thru-hike. He hiked the first 900 miles with them and then got injured. Now he droves his car to where they are and brings them food. He also brings plenty to share with hikers like me – fruit, Gatorade, sandwiches, carrots, even cookies. It really hit the spot after I climbed the mountain!



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One thought on “Wind Gap, PA -July 18

  1. Linda Miyamasu

    Love reading your blog!! We were at Newfound Gap, NC, where we walked 25 FEET on the AT :), and Clingman’s Dome (snowed 1/2 inch) on May 16, a bit behind you; the BIG DIFFERENCE, we were in our car! Also crossed the AT (by car) near Front Royal, VA on June 23, just ahead of you. Didn’t know you were hiking then! Enjoying your PA posts, since I was born and raised in Warren, PA (not far from Franklin). Your mission is amazing, and you are in our prayers. God bless you, Sammy and Linda

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