Great First Day in NJ

I still have a few more miles to go today but I wanted to report some of the highlights of today’s hike.

I got to meet Mike. Mike has been following my blog before I even started the hike. He lives in NJ and over the past few days we made arrangements to connect on the trail. It was so great to talk with him and some of his friends (see photo – he looks more like a thru-hiker than I do).

Not only did I start a new state today, I passed the 1300 mile marker!! To celebrate I stopped at the Mohican Outdoor Center for a Coke. I also bought myself a new hat!





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12 thoughts on “Great First Day in NJ

  1. janloyd

    Welcome to “Joisey”!

  2. Great meeting up with you today! Thanks for taking the time out your hike to talk to us for a few minutes. I can’t say it enough, I love following your blog, thanks so much for sharing your adventure with the world.

  3. 1300! Your hat is awesome πŸ™‚

    • Shelby- Thanks! I have not been contacted by Hiker Fashion magazine yet but I appreciate your thumbs up on my hat.

      • Haha well let me know when they get into contact with you. Maybe we can share a post with them, and I will show off my shorts and ankle sock look. πŸ˜‰

  4. Marvin and Brenda Morris

    Love the hat! So happy you were able to continue! God bless!

  5. Nina

    Nice hat! All great adventurers need a great hat…Jack Hannah, Crocodile Dundee, Indiana Jones, Edmund Hillary (OK, so a couple of those were fictional).
    Just want to say, my prayer group and I are holding you up in prayer, and are glad your leg is mending.
    Congratulations on the 1300 miles!

    • Nina – Thanks for your prayers. Please pass my appreciation on to your prayer group. The large brim of my new hat has been a real blessing – more open trail exposed to the direct sun. I love your reference to famous hat wearers

  6. Katie Carl

    My home state is lovely!! So glad you are doing well! I ran 16 miles yesterday and thought/prayed for you. Keep up the great work Dr. D!

    • Katie – I am looking forward to hiking through New England. Great job on your long run – I so appreciate your prayers for me!

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