NJ Imitates PA – July 21

I was able with God’s grace to hike 19.6 miles today but it was very challenging. The rocks, although not as drastic as PA, were relentless. There was literally not a tenth of a mile that was flat and smooth.

I am staying at High Point Shelter just north of a state park (mile 1334.0) So far I am the only one at the shelter but it is still pretty early.

I went up a nice fire tower this morning and you can see Crater Lake in the distance. I have attached a closer picture of the lake as well.

My legs feel very good – the bottom of my feet hurt from the rocky trail – my spirits are high as I am able to continue this adventure. God is faithful.




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7 thoughts on “NJ Imitates PA – July 21

  1. paul

    I am in awe of your perseverance and your accomplishment, my friend. In awe.

    • Paul – I am encouraged by your kind words. I am concerned that I will run out of good weather before I reach Katahdin but Gos is in control.

  2. God is truly faithful! So pleased to hear that your legs feel good and your spirits are high. Praying for more of the same as your journey continues…good legs and high spirits, not sore feet and rocky trails!!

    • Todd – I am taking a day off today in Vernon NJ to help rest the sore feet. All those rocks were brutal on the bottom of my feet. I should be ready to walk on Thursday.

  3. Tim Combs

    Dave, so glad you have healed up from the fall and that you are able to continue on the journey! Thanks for sharing this adventure with all of us. It is a real joy to take in all of the sights and stories.
    Praying for you! Tim

  4. Joe Batchelor

    Great to read your blog here. Glad it has been a relatively mild summer. God is good. Have fun in the Adirondacks. Joe

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