July 22 – Vernon, NJ

Today was a beautiful day for a hike on the AT. The temperatures were quite warm and the time spent outside the canopy was significant so my need for hydration increased – fortunately there was ample water sources.

Lots of comfortable trail today – the rocks were minimized and I crossed over several miles of boardwalk (I took some photos) I am in Vernon, NJ at a hikers’ hostel and plan to 0 tomorrow. I was able to walk around the town a little and the people seem very friendly.

Yesterday I passed by the highest point in NJ. There is a 220 foot tower on top of the mountain. The tower was closed according to some other hikers and it was located 0.3 miles off the AT so I did not visit the site but the tower looked very bold against the evening sky.





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4 thoughts on “July 22 – Vernon, NJ

  1. You didn’t miss much. The windows at the top of the High Point tower are very small, so the view is very restricted. The tower is more impressive from the ground than it is if you actually climb it. Don’t tell the Commission on New Jersey pride that I said that though, they might kick me out.

    • Mike – thanks for the info. I would have been very disappointed had I hiked up to the tower to find small windows and a narrow view. I love fire towers because of the 360 degree panorama.

  2. It looks like God will bless you with cooler, drier weather tomorrow. You choice of today for a zero day was wise and perhaps a bit providential! Praying for renewed energy and spirits as you retake the trail tomorrow!

    • Todd – I have been amazed at how God has blessed me over and over again with wonderful weather. He is the Sovereign One.

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