The Hudson River – 1400 miles!

July 26
I crossed the Hudson River today via the Bear Mountain Bridge. Half way across the bridge marked the 1400 mile marker. I could not find any visual marker but my heart skipped a beat as the bridge bounced because of the traffic.

I took a picture of the Hudson (before hiking down and across it) from a tower on Bear Mountain (attached), visited the Trailside Museum/Zoo (disappointing), and am camped out at Graymoor Spiritual Life Center (they allow hikers to sleep at the picnic shelter at their soccer field). It is not the Hilton but the cost is right (free).



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2 thoughts on “The Hudson River – 1400 miles!

  1. Tim Combs

    Going to use you as an example in my message at church tomorrow (by the way, I became the pastor of a church since you have been gone). The title of my message is: How is your walk? Eph. 4:1-6

    Keep walking worthy of His calling!

    • Congratulations Pastor Tim. The church is blessed to have such a godly man in their pulpit. I am honored to be used as an example (positive one, I trust) in your message.

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