July 31st in Connecticut

What a fantastic day for hiking. There was a little sprinkle in the morning but the temperatures were great for aday on the trail.

I am a little surprised with the rocky, steep terrain of the Constitution State but there are some beautiful spots along the trail. One of the best views on the menu today was a cascading stream almost as big as a river. The powerful current made the stream so enjoyable to watch.

I am posting at Pine Swamp Brook Shelter (mile 1480) but I plan to grab a bit to eat and then move ahead 2 & 1/2 miles to a camp site (Sharon Mt. Camp).

Thanks for all you prayers and support. God is faithful!



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2 thoughts on “July 31st in Connecticut

  1. Linda Kurtz

    Love that you worked in the Constitution state. Next is the Bay state, then the Green Mountain state, followed by the Granite state and finishing up in the Pine Tree state. :). We were so inspired by our visit with you. Cheering you on to the end! Linda Kurtz

    • Linda – thanks for the reminder if the nicknames. I only remembered Maine. I have seemed some ponds in Mass. but no Bays yet – I’ll keep looking.

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