1500 miles !!!

I am camped at Brassie Brook Shelter – mile 1500,3. That means I have less than 700 miles to go (real close to 685)!! I am really excited about this milestone. There was nothing on the trail to commemorate the accomplishment but my spirit is really pumped -1500 miles!!

It was a sunny morning and the highlight of the trail was a great waterfall over the Housatonic River (see photos). I stopped in Salisbury for lunch and got caught in the rain about 4:00.

Lessons learned today
Lesson 603 – (I made up this number to sound official) – Distant thunder does not mean the rain will pass by or will result only in a sprinkle (hard rain lasted about an hour).
Lesson 604 – Mosquitos do not like the rain and tend to disappear during the precipitation. Once the storm is silent the bugs return for the hunt.
Lesson 605 – My shirt gets soaked with perspiration just as bad as with the rain – the rain, however, gives the garment a nice rinse (both make the shirt quite damp in the morning)
Lesson 606 – rain makes the rocks between 3 and 7.5 times more slippery (this is not based on empirical evidence but on anecdotal notation from a thru-hiker – me).

Enough lessons for today.




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7 thoughts on “1500 miles !!!

  1. Nina

    Congratulations on 1500!

  2. Dan Patterson

    Dave – Congrats on 1500 miles – you ARE awesome!! Not sure if you will be celebrating in wet clothes or not but Greg and I (we’re working together in Marion IN) figured WE would help celebrate the milestone – and we don’t even need the calories. DQ here we come.

  3. 1500 miles! Awesome! Praying that the Lord will keep your spirits high and safely guide each remaining step to Katahdin!

  4. Congratulations! 1500 miles is a huge accomplishment!!!!! I’m praying for you!

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