AT 101 Complete

Today,August 4, was my 101st day on the trail. It was a great day hiking again with Greg, a section hiker from Boston.

Lots a nice woods and a few great vistas. I met one of my heroes on the trail today – the Cookie Lady. She opens her back yard to hikers for a rest in the shade and provides two free cookies of welcome. I really wanted to take a nap in one of her lawn chairs but it was late in the afternoon with 7 miles to go.

I made it to a shelter just a few miles from Dalton, MA. – my goal for tomorrow for a rest.



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8 thoughts on “AT 101 Complete

  1. Kathy Reno

    Hooray for the cookie lady!

  2. Brian Whitaker

    I have prayed for you Dave. When do you anticipate finishing completely?

    • My hope on finishing in Maine, Brian is the end of the third week of September. It is still such an unknown as to how quickly I can make it through the next 650 miles.

  3. I have service! We crossed the Vermont/Mass border this afternoon, camping at Sherman Campground tonight. We’ll finish at Greylock on Wednesday. We’ll keep an eye out for you tomorrow.

    • So amazing that connected. It was great to see you again. After Maine we must try to get together for a meal or something.

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