Had to Say Goodby to a Friend

Well, I had to say goodby to my friend, Greg, today. He was only section hiking and his wife picked him this afternoon at VT 9. I really enjoyed our time on the trail together-great conversations. (I attached a photo of Greg from yesterday when the AT joins the Long Trail.

I made it to Kid Gore Shelter ( mile 1621.5). It was a cool day (a really cold night last night and it feels like a sleeping bag night tonight as well) and so nice for hiking.

Right at the end of the hike I came to a fire tower. The view was great (see attached).

Thanks for your continued prayers and thoughts. God is so incredibly faithful.





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4 thoughts on “Had to Say Goodby to a Friend

  1. What a blessing to share the trail with a fellow hiker for a time. The weather is on your side, as well. Continuing to pray daily for your safety, success, and good spirits!

  2. Congrats on getting down Harmon Hill in one piece. I love that fire tower!

    • Mike – I caught your “shout out” to me in one of the trail registries. Thanks for the surprise encouragement right on the path!!!

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