1700 Miles!

No cell phone service last night (August 14) so I am posting this morning. After a very cold start this morning, the hike turned sunny and enjoyable. I past the 1700 mile marker (no notation on the trail itself) and pitched my tent Stony Brook Shelter at 1707.

Not few many vistas today but I did hike around Kent Pond. Folks in Vermont call their lakes “ponds.” They are large and beautiful.

Congratulation to all DC & XC teachers and students – opening day of school is complete. It is the first opening day I have missed in 27 years. I trust it was a great day filled with excitement and inspiration.


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6 thoughts on “1700 Miles!

  1. J Rarick


    Purposing to make a difference in other peoples lives.
    Planning a way to do it.
    Then thank full for the little blessings along the way.
    Getting started… Enduring… Moving forward…
    Working through hardships both physical and mental.
    Allowing God to work in your heart during times of solitude.
    Faithfully sharing when it seems very little are responding.
    Committing to finish what you started.

    Sounds to me like you have helped us all gain 1700 miles of life lessons which, if allowed to ferment into our own lives is potentially more eventful and more impactful than any “first day of school.”

    Thank you!

    Jon Rarick

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  2. Congratulations on the 1700 milestone. We check your blog everyday for updates. We love you and are praying for you. Can’t wait to see your picture at the completion of the trail and can’t wait to hear all your stories. You are going to write a book about this journey right 😉

  3. Beckie. Danielson Danielson

    We missed you on opening day, but have been so encouragred by your perseverence on this trail. Recognition of God by your side each step of the way inspires us all.

  4. Bob Elliott

    Proud of you brother Dave! Amazing!!!

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