Moose #1

August 27

I climbed over Mt Madison to in the fog with 47 mile an hour wind. Mt Madison is above tree line so it was a rock scramble. It was definitely the most unnerving day of the hike.

After we finally climbed down below the tree line the day cleared and the sun was beautiful.

Close to the end of the day I saw my first moose! She was feeding leisurely in the woods so I watched her for a while and then moved on. I was thrilled




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6 thoughts on “Moose #1

  1. Kurtz

    Congrats on seeing your first moose, but if that is what is in your photograph, we call those chipmunks in Ohio.

    Keep hiking with the encouragement of our support!

    • Chipmunks. I didn’t mean to post that. The thumbnails are hard see! The photo of the moose is like Where’s Waldo so it was not worth posting.

      • Whew! Glad to know that 1. Chipmunks in Ohio look just like chipmunks in New Hampshire 2. I wasn’t missing a moose in any of the pictures as I was pretty sure I was overlooking the big fella. 🙂
        Sounds like the adventure embraced you today! Stay strong! Praying for you !

  2. Someone beat me to the chipmunk crack. Sounds like quite a day!

  3. Tim Combs

    Praying for you, Dave! Keep going strong in the power of His might!

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