Chipmunk or Moose?

When I don’t have cell phone coverage I cannot attach photos to my blog. So when I get coverage on top of some mountain I have to quickly attach photos to past blogs. In order to try to correct some photo blunders over the past few days let me share some clarifications.

First – the Moose! The chipmunk was cute, but I did see a moose as well. I could not get a good photo because of the trees but if you squint and hold your head just right you can see her in the attached photo.

Second, I mentioned staying in two different huts but posted the same photo for each shelter. The Zealand Falls Hut is the one taken from an angle and Mizpah is photographed straight on.

I have been hiking over the Whites with a fellow thru-hiker RaceWalker. We met in Hanover and have hiked together since then. He is my age but I have him beat in height. I have attached a photo of us together atop Mt Washington.

I have posted a few other pics of a footbridge and mountain stream that reflects the beauty of NH under the canopy.

Today I am resting in Gorham NH and will be back on the trail on Friday. Thanks for all your support and prayers. God is faithful!!!







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5 thoughts on “Chipmunk or Moose?

  1. Ron and Gail Hostetler

    Found the moose!! We really enjoy keeping up with your journey. God is indeed faithful.

    Ron and Gail (Met you several times in PA)

  2. janloyd

    Awesome, Dave! so glad you now have a partner! Blessings on you both! J&J πŸ™‚

  3. Enjoy your day off! Maine isn’t far off!

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