Milestones on August 31

1900 miles!!
Entered into Maine!!

Today was a hard day (rain off and on) with tons of steep climbs and difficult miles but God is faithful and so good to me.

Just a few last photos of NH. The last pond was very beautiful. Sorry, Not enough signal to attach photos

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21 thoughts on “Milestones on August 31

  1. janloyd

    So happy for you, Dave! God HAS certainly been faithful and amazing in and through you…thinking about St Patrick’s Breastplate and Ps 139 — He has certainly encompassed you all around…praise His holy Name! and congratulations!

    • Jan – I have a copy St Patrick’s Breastplate with me that I review often. God’s presence is amazing and so practically wonderful.

  2. Nancy Brewer

    1900 miles…..WOW!!!!! Praise the Lord!! I have been following you every step of the journey on your blogs; and praying for you each day along with all of your other friends at DC!! Also asking Cathy periodically, how you are doing. πŸ™‚ The end is now in sight, and I know you can finish the journey because you are such a man of God and I know that He is walking with you each step of the way!! I am thankful than He has sent a new friend to walk with you also…..what a blessing. I have throughly enjoyed all of the pictures that you have sent, and shared them with my “kids”, Kelli and Jeffrey. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see the picture of you on top of Mt. Katahdin!! Blessings to you, Nancy Brewer

    • Nancy – thanks so much for your faithful prayer and following of the journey. I anticipate Katahdin will be a very emotional experience.

  3. Indeed we serve a faithful God! So very happy for you! Enjoy this final state and all that our amazing Father still has in store for you.

    • Mitzi – I hope that I miss nothing that God is trying to teach me. Transformation is not easy but I have been is real need of renewal.

  4. katjandu

    Hi Dave, Still praying for you. Praising God for his protection and strength. I remember hiking the Whites. It was a precious time for me. There was a natural plunge pool where my friend and I stopped and took advantage of the cool waters. So beautiful there.

  5. Kurtz

    Completely amazing! 1900 and Maine (the home state of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow). Drink in the delights of God’s created beauty. On the rainy days with the terrain challenges you, remember the principle that you taught me: no adversity, no adventure. Godspeed?

  6. Two more major milestones, 1900 miles & the final state of your journey, congratulations!! God is truly faithful and I will be praying for continued blessings, protection, and good spirits for the remainder of your trip.

  7. Nina

    Congratulation! We will be praying for you during this last challenging lap of your adventure.

  8. Rich Anglin

    Dave: I am praying for your continued safety and for God’s richest blessings as you undertake this last leg of your journey. See you in a few weeks.

  9. buffalostars

    Hello Dave,
    While in Virginia earlier this summer, I had the pleasure to meet you on the AT. You may recall I was with my wife and brother. My wife and I are from Mason and I have a daughter living in Springboro. I have been following your blog on and off over the past month or so. Reading your entries and viewing the beautiful pictures makes me miss the trail more and more. Your accomplishments to this point have been amazing. Thank God for your safety and perseverance. It’s wonderful that you are able to share your journey with others. There are many life lessons in your writings, especially for the students at Dayton and Xenia Christian schools. Keep moving forward! I can’t wait to see your picture on Mt. Katahdin.

    • Ken – I remember meeting you and your wife and your brother. You were very enthusiastic and interested in my hike. Thanks for following along online.

    • Ken – I remember you and you family well as we spent some time at a shelter over a snack. Thanks for following my hike online.

  10. The Bucherts

    Way to go! We’re so excited for you! We’ve been enjoying your posts and pic. Keep it up, just a little further!

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