September 3 – Maine is the Real Deal

Really misty this morning for my hike over Baldpate Mt this morning, but once the sun broke through the clouds, the day was perfect for the trail – cool with a slight breeze.

The going is still slow. We managed to hike 13.7 miles today – ended up at Hall Mountain Lean-to mile marker 1934.4.

Last night I stayed at Baldpate Lean-to. There were three other people there when we arrived. One young man was SOBO named “buckeye”. Of course I asked if he were from Ohio. He was – long story short he graduated from DCHS in 2009 – Ben Ludder. Amazing what a small world in God’s sovereignty.





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10 thoughts on “September 3 – Maine is the Real Deal

  1. Kurtz

    God has a knack for getting two specific people in one specific location at his specific time for a specific purpose. That is our sovereign God! We extol you, O God!

  2. janloyd

    So awesome! What a cool, “seredipitous” God! PS Note to Cathy: you’ll need to fatten your man up when he gets home πŸ˜‰

  3. That is amazing!! But your whole adventure is amazing and our God is an awesome God! I looked Ben up in the yearbook and it’s actually Lutter. Pretty amazing.

    • Nanette – thanks for clarifying Ben’s last name. He has an older sister, Amanda, who also graduated from DC. It was a very cool encounter.

  4. Marion (Taylor) Shute

    Your blog has been my “can’t put down” read of the summer! It has been incredible to see how God has prepared the entire trail for you! Praying for your finish!

    • Marion – thanks for your kind words. It has been truly a great adventure with still almost 300 miles to go. Thanks for following the blog!

  5. Nina

    It is a small world, and we serve a wonderful, loving, sovereign God, who knows how to keep us motivated and encouraged. Don’t you wonder if young, Mr. Ludder was sent to remind you of why you are on this trek? Doesn’t give you an extra blessing which will help you ” finish the course?” Aren’t you glad; there are no accidents or happenstances with God? Praise our Lord. God speed.

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