Great Hike to Rangeley, ME

RaceWalker and I got an early start this morning (on the trail at 6:30), forded a stream first thing, climbed a nice mountain and then encountered some relatively flat trail. Pennsylvania is known for its rocks – Maine should be known for its roots -and they are all there to try to trip me!

The trail is gorgeous and the views are marvelous. I love the ponds. The demanding path takes a lot of energy so I am very tired at the end of each day.

Tonight I am staying at “The Farm” hostel (mile 1964.9) and will be taking a “0” day tomorrow.

The photos below are some of the sights from today’s journey. The pond is the Sabbath Day Pond – quite appropriate since I rested beside its waters for a Sabbath Day lunch – peaceful indeed!





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2 thoughts on “Great Hike to Rangeley, ME

  1. Sulu Farmer

    Oh, you are getting so close to the end!! PTL!! He is faithful. Have a blessed Sabbath day as you rest tomorrow. We are praying for you and praising The Lord for guiding you and protecting you along the way. May He restore your soul and give strength to you body as you rest in Him.

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    • Sulu- thank you for these restful words. God’s protection and provision have been truly amazing throughout the journey. Looking forward to coming HOME!

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