Zero Day in Rangeley – Sept 7

It was a great day of rest today. I went to IGA and bought my food to get me down the trail. I had a wonderful burger for lunch and a delicious chef salad for dinner.

I discovered that Rangeley is half way between the equator and the North Pole – I am not sure whether to feel hot or cold.

Our dinner was right on Rangeley Lake and it was a beautiful setting (see photos). I am ready to hit the trail tomorrow.




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4 thoughts on “Zero Day in Rangeley – Sept 7

  1. janloyd

    Love it! Had to giggle at the sign and your humor! Which did you decide — hot or cold 😉

  2. Tim Combs

    Love your smile, Dave! So excited to see you approaching the finish line! Praying for you!

  3. jim

    very impressed your stamina and perseverance…praying you remain steadfast in your pursuit of “the mountain”. As one who has been to the top two times along with my son and brother, tho not hiking the entire trail, I encourage you to start training your mind and spirit for the trip down and the fact that the journey will be over. Then back to reality…I know they probably need you at D.C. and will enjoy the tales you will tell.

    Blessings on thee…from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…

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