September 19 – White Cap

I past the last hundred mile market (2100 miles!!!). I am about 1/2 way through the wilderness and on top of White Cap Mt. Looking forward to Katahdin.




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6 thoughts on “September 19 – White Cap

  1. Nina

    Congratulations! The finish line is in sight!….Well, at least from the mountain tops.

  2. What an amazing journey you’ve had! Praying for safety and protection as you approach the finish line!

  3. Ben

    Finish strong! So proud of you.

  4. Almost there!

    I meant to send this to you before – If you shoot me an e-mail, I can send you my phone number as well.

    If you’re coming home by way of Philly, or are ever out this way, please reach out!

  5. Inspirational! Keep going! Embrace the suck, and enjoy every minute.

  6. DiAnne

    Congrats! This is Ben’s “Aunt-in-law” so excited about your adventure–almost there!

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