What a Welcome Home!!

It has been a week since I reached the summit of Mount Katahdin in Maine. Thanks to my dear friend, Mark, who drove all the way to Maine from Ohio to pick me up, I had a two-day road-trip back to Springboro filled with fellowship and relaxation. Cathy and I spent the weekend sharing lots of stories from the trail and from the city that filled our lives during the past 5 months.

My welcome home from the school was truly incredible. The administration arranged a hike/parade on campus that made me feel like a celebrity. The students lined up on the sidewalks and as I hiked down the campus, they cheered for me and then followed me to a central location where there was a nice presentation and I was able to address the entire student body. There were actually two parades – one in Miamisburg in the morning and a second one in Xenia in the afternoon. I have never given more high fives in all my life. I was so humbled and honored by this special reception. God is faithful!

The news media came as well to report the story and I have attached a link to the coverage of one of the local news channels.( http://www.abc22now.com/shared/news/top-stories/stories/wkef_vid_22546.shtml ) The same channel did a follow-up interview with me this morning at their studios (http://fox45now.com/shared/news/features/morning/stories/wrgt_vid_910.shtml ). What a thrill to be able to talk about my hike and the faithfulness of God.

My sister, Diane, came up from NC to be part of the celebration. It was special to have her here because she supported me in so many ways during the adventure – she was always so positive and encouraging throughout the hike. I was thrilled that she could be part of this welcome home celebration.

20141002-080425-29065555.jpg 20141002-080426-29066539.jpg Dr. D. High Five

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4 thoughts on “What a Welcome Home!!

  1. That’s great!

  2. This is so wonderful! Praise God, and congrats to you for such a wonderful accomplishment. So glad to see the community support you such a way.

  3. Racewalker

    And you thought they would not do anything for you. Great interview and great effort. Racewalker

    • RaceWalker – The school has greeted me with such celebration. I read your updates on Trail Journals. It was like reliving that last two weeks if the adventure. Nice job.

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