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FullSizeRenderHike It Forward has been very silent for several months. The reasons for the lack of postings are three-fold. First, I wanted the HikeItForward-Final-Mediumclimax of the hike in Maine and the glorious homecoming I experienced in Ohio to be the focal point of the blog site for several months. Second, I have focused my attention on transcribing my journal into a readable electronic document infused with the full use of spell-checker. The experience of reliving my hike through this transcription was very therapeutic in the transition back to the city. The sights, sounds, and emotions of the trail filled my thoughts as I attempted to decipher my hand scrawled notes on pages smudged with AT dirt and Snickers bars.

The third reason for silence was the formation of a desire to write a book about my life-changing, five-month journey. Out of the journal reconstruction came the idea for the book. I did not want to compose just a travel-log approach to the hike, but rather a humorous look at some of the lessons learned, a focus on the faithfulness of God in the midst of adversity, a snapshot of the people that brought friendships to my steps, a reflection on the memorable experiences associated with living along the AT, and the blessings of the wildlife, the food, the forest, and the towns – of just walking in the incredible environment of the trail.

The journal has been transcribed as a priceless personal treasure. I know I will spend time often in its pages reflecting on those challenging days of excitement, discouragement, relationships, and growth. The book manuscript has suffered through four or five revisions and is currently off to a publisher for consideration. I am prepared for rejection but I am also filled with anticipation. In the coming months, I hope to refocus my love for writing into this blog – I hope you will continue to check it out as I strive to Hike It Forward.

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25 thoughts on “The Silent Blog

  1. Looking for to seeing the book, Dave! So proud of you!

  2. Looking *FORWARD…

  3. Looking forward to reading and hearing more. I’m still planning on NOBO in 2018. I hope all is well. Bruce

    • Bruce, Thanks for the well wishes. Being an author yourself I’m sure you know the process can take a great deal of time. Patience is the character quality of the day. A NOBO thru-hike in 2018. Let me know your itinerary – I’ll plan on meeting you for a meal!

  4. Terrie Burd

    I hope that “rejection” does not come as I look forward to an awesome read.

    • Terrie, Thanks for the positive thinking. I am all about acceptance myself. I am praying that the right person received the proposal and that he/she will be drawn into to book in a powerful way.

  5. Karen Isaacson

    I look forward to reading your book. My daughter and I got to walk some day hikes on the AT in VA and WV. We even talked about you and your journey.

    • Karen, Thanks for your vote on my book! The northern section of Virginia and the beautiful spot of Harpers Ferry were highlights for me. I grew up in WV so it just felt like home.

  6. What an amazing tale of adventure and God’s faithfulness that will be!

  7. Hooray! I hope a publisher accepts it, you’ve got at least one advance order here.


    • Mike, Thanks for the shout out and the advanced order. I imagine that the book will sell for $2,186 each so just send the money and I will put you on the top of the list : ). Just kidding of course, but I truly feel greatly honored by your support.

  8. Charles Brads

    Thank you for the update. Looking forward to the book!

    • Diane and Charlie, I can still taste the stuffed French toast – one of my all-time favorite breakfasts on the trail. It made the book!

  9. janloyd

    So glad to see your blog again, Dave. I’m praying for you and your project. You are right about patience and perseverance. I’m asking the Lord to open HIS door for you! Blessings, dear brother!

    • Jan, Thanks so much for your prayers. God opens doors that no man can shut. I so appreciate your encouragement.

  10. Brenda Morris

    Dave, I would love to have a copy. Please let me know when it is available and the price. Since I worked for you at DC, would love to have you sign it. Blessings to you and Cathy!

    • Brenda, It might be quite a while before publication but I will send up fireworks and confetti when the book is available. I would be so honored to sign a copy for you!

  11. LaVerne Dickey

    I look forward to reading your blog but especially to reading your book. I know it will speak to the inner person of each of us. Blessings!

  12. Matt Rough

    Glad to see the blog still alive and clever as ever. I’m exited about the possibility of a published book! Readers will be inspired, as I know many have already, by your account of this adventure.

  13. I will definitely be purchasing your book! Can’t wait!

    • Lynette – Thanks for your support throughout the adventure. Please pray for the individual that might be reviewing the book today. I will keep your posted.

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