Hiking at Germantown

HikeItForward-Final-MediumWhat an incredibly wet summer. My wife, Cathy, and I had grand plans to hike all of the trails in the MetroPark System this summer. But the constant rain has made the trail so muddy and sloppy that hiking has not been fun at all. This past week we had three rainless days so we took advantage of a Sunday hike at Twin Creek MetroPark as well as Germantown MetroPark. We logged about six miles and the trail was in great shape – green and lush environment with a dry trail and only an occasional muddy spot, fairly easy to avoid with a bit of nimble tiptoeing. I wore my trusty Chaco sandals and arrived home with socks unscathed by mud or swamp.

No deer, fox, or rabbitsnakes welcomed us back from the rainy season but many friendly but small trail frogs (maybe toads), no bigger than the size of my thumb tried to avoid my size ten feet while hopping merrily along. Cathy and I rarely see snakes on our hikes together, but we saw two during this short outing. I think they were out looking for small friendly frogs for lunch. One was an eight foot rattlesnake (see photo)…or is that a garter snake, I get them confused….I could be wrong on the length as well.

We met a young couple getting ready to hike Twin Creek as we were leaving. I noticed a rather large backpack involved so I stopped and asked the young man if he were training for a long-distance hike. He said, “Yes, I am trying to talk my dad into hiking the AT.” My eyes lit up and I shared that I had thru-hiked in 2014. We talked for just a few minutes and I encouraged him to go after the dream of hiking with his father.

It was good to be outside and on the trail again.

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