Video Series Aimed at Educating Hikers

HikeItForward-Final-MediumThe staff at the ATC have created a series of educational videos that will teach hikers how to reduce their imprint and physical impact on the path. The video series is called “Don’t Be That Guy – Appalachian Trail – Leave No Trace,” and are online today ( Filmed by professional videographer, Tara Roberts. the entertaining videos demonstrate positive techniques for both hiking and camping along the trail.

ATC logo‘Leave No Trace’ is a great hiking philosophy and necessary mindset to maintain the beauty and freshness of the outdoors. Outdoor ethics and proper trail etiquette are skills that every hiker (section or thru) should understand and incorporate every day along the journey.  These short humorous videos still illustrate the techniques with a straight forward message.

Each of the seven principles of Leave No Trace (plan ahead and prepare; travel and camp on durable surfaces; dispose of waste properly; leave what you find; minimize campfire impacts; respect wildlife; and be considerate of other visitors) are highlighted in the series.

According to the ATC website, “the video series is one way the ATC is preparing for a surge in Trail use following the release of the film A Walk in the Woods, a comedy adventure starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte as old friends who make the improbable decision to hike the 2,190-mile Trail. The film will be released September 2 by Broad Green Pictures. The ATC acted as a consulting organization during production and assisted with the film’s environmental messaging.” Javier Folger, Director of Marketing and Communication for the ACT encourages, “Effort will be necessary to keep the Appalachian Trail in its natural state, especially given the increased attention that the Trail is receiving,”

Don't Be That GuyLeave No Trace reflects responsible and positive decision-making with the trail in mind.  In order to protect, preserve, and promote the incredible experience offered by the Appalachian Trail, all hikers must be committed to cleaning up after themselves. Mom is just not around to pick up our messes. Let’s pick up so that we can all enjoy.

I so applaud the ATC for providing some basic skills and information on proper trail expectations. Want some more information? Check out the Center for Outdoor Ethics at and visit the ATC at


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