Quick Post – Check out USA Today!

My picture made it into today’s copy of USA Today!! Check out this link and scroll to the fourth picture!! My photo of RaceWalker and I on top of Mount Washington, NH. I have never been in a national publication before. I am pretty excited.



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11 thoughts on “Quick Post – Check out USA Today!

  1. Rough, Cathy

    How cool is that!! Is this article in the print edition, too? How did they get your picture?

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    • I have spent the last2 hours trying to find a hard copy of USA Today without success. Oh well. I submitted a few photo to the ATC for possible inclusion in their Aventures Magazine. They must have provided the pic to USA Today. What a shock when RaceWalker emailed me with the news!


  2. Diane Brads

    Awesome! I also noticed the word “rowdy” in the text. ..how appropriate.


    • I was so surprised to get an email from RaceWalker telling me about the photo. I had no idea it was being published. If he had not mentioned it to me I would have missed it. What a thrill and a shock!


  3. janloyd

    Awesome, Dave!!!!! so proud to know you. FYI, why not try local hotels for a copy of USA Today. Usually when we travel, we stay at Hampton Inns, and there is usually a plethora of USA Todays!


    • Jan – I’ve read your idea a little too late today, but maybe I can check tomorrow morning. Thanks for the suggestion – I will let you know if I find a copy.


  4. You look good! Congrats!


    • Thanks, Mike. The wind on top of Washington puffed out my shirt and made my bicep look a little like Arnold. It was a glorious day on the summit.


  5. katjandu

    How very exciting! Congratulations!


    • katjandu – thanks for the comment. The picture sure brings lots of memories and emotions back to the heart. God is so faithful!


  6. This is awesome Dave!


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