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HikeItForward-Final-MediumThere are lots of records in the history books of the Appalachian Trail – fastest assisted thru-hike, fastest unassisted thru-hike, oldest and youngest thru-hiker, first woman, first man, first repeat thru-hike, most thru-hikes by one individual, and the fastest thru-hike by an administrator at Dayton Christian School System.

But one record that doesn’t see much press is the prestige of hikers from a particular state. For example, there are only five successful thru-hikes recorded this century by individuals from Wyoming. If you lived in that state, you would be one out of every 116,830 residents to have your 2,000 miler certificate. Although there have been 19 hikers from Nevada that have hiked from GA to ME their ratio to state’s population is even more significant: 1 out of every 149,321 Nevadans have made the journey. Other states with less than 20 thru-hikers in the 21st century are: South Dakota (11), North Dakota (11), Hawaii (12), Nebraska (13), and Idaho (19).

Those are pretty impressive numbers and all deserve recognition and applause, but international hikers are superstars in this area. The one hiker from Barbados is 1 in 284,644; the solo thru-hiker from the Bahamas is 1 in 377,374; the lone Swede, Jonas Dahlstrum is better than one in a million (check out his 2011 video www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUf8bQhWt3c).  He is 1 in 9.593 million! But wait…. the one Hungarian thru-hiker is 1 in 9.897 million. But it doesn’t stop there. There are single participants from Chile – 1 in 17.62 million; Romania – 1 in 19.96 million; Taiwan – 1 in 23.46 million.



But that is not the top! Second place highlights a single thru-hiker from South Korea named Yoon Eun Jung, trail name: Mt. Love – 1 out of 50.22 million.

And the most significant international spot goes to a solo hiker, a Catholic priest from the Philippines: Nestor Isagni P Aviuante (trail name Parypinoy) who is 1 in 98.39 million.


Photo of Parypinoy ohttp://www.trailjournals.com/photos.cfm?id=2853

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