Rambunny – Part 2 – The 2004 thru-hike

RambunnyI discovered one of Rambunny’s trail journals on line at trailjournal.com. It was written in 2004 as she attempted yet another thru-hike (http://www.trailjournals.com/entry.cfm?id=69015). This hike was a SOBO attempt that began on Katahdin, Maine on July 15, 2004 but ended 464 miles later at Fahnestock State Park, New York on September 29, 2004. I was curious to discover the why of Rambunny’s decision to walk off the trail. I doubted that it was her determination, or her physical ability to meet the challenges, or a sense of homesickness since she had hiked the hike three times before this 2004 journey.

Carole’s hike was tough from the beginning. She attempted to climb Mount Katahdin on July 15, but a major thunderstorm forced her back down after a 3 mile climb. The next day (July 16) the weather still dictated an impossible ascent to the brown sign. So on July 17 she got a ride to Abol Bridge, 15 miles from Katahdin, and began her SOBO adventure. That same day, she tripped going over a rocky area and bruised her ribs. She writes in her journal on July 18 the she thinks her rib is probably cracked and she is in quite a bit of pain. Five days later (July 23), the rib is causing a great deal of discomfort, so she take a zero day in Monson, Maine to evaluate. Carole concludes that she needs some time off trail to heal, so she makes arrangement to stay and help Honey and Bear, owners of the hostel, The Cabin. She stays at the Cabin for 29 days (July 25 to August 22) allowing the ribs to recuperate.

Rambunny 2Carole decides to skip the Whites and jump back on the trail in southern New Hampshire, about 45 miles from the Vermont state line. The trail adventure goes well until August 22nd when she takes a faceplant, literally on her face. Her glasses bruised the bridge of her nose with a resulting major nose bleed. The next day Rambunny describes herself looking like a raccoon. With the soreness, she concludes that she might have broken her nose. On September 24 she records “I feel like someone has punched me in the upper chest. The purple and yellow are traveling down my left eye and I’m purple ½ way across each eyelid and across the bridge of my nose. The chest hurts not the face. Thankfully if you have to do a face plant I did it well.”Then on September 26 she writes, “At the end of the day yesterday I realized the fall has definitely re-injured the muscle around the broken rib. No big deal but ouch! Going to keep ibuprofen close.”

Here is a portion of her journal dating Tuesday, September 28, 2004:[brackets contain my commentary/information]

“Sometime before morning the backlash of another hurricane came in pouring all night. My chest hurt whenever I turned. It woke me up with an ouch. Then I put my glasses on my hurt nose. Ouch!…..There’s a shelter 9 miles from here then none for 20 some miles. I hate setting up tent in the rain especially with a wet dog trying to help…..This is the first time in over 7,000 miles I’ve thought about quitting. Since I skipped some earlier, this is a section hike. Just got the feel sorry for myself pity party going on. Hope it and the rain let up soon. Going to try to hike in the camp shoes. 9 miles it is. Yes, I’m a wimpy hiker.

Financially it’s not looking good either. Maybe hiking in the rain will help my attitude. I hope so. Carrying 5 to 6 days of food at time isn’t helping. I’m way over 25lbs with that dog food [Sobo is an Autralian shepherd making the journey with Rambunny] and cold weather stuff. Financially though it doesn’t make sense to stop and buy food between mail drops. Whine. Whine. Whine. Do I serve cheese and crackers with this whine?

Set out in the pouring rain. Couldn’t see 5 feet in front of you. Sobo kept shaking and looking at us like we’re nuts. We are….Fell flat on my butt twice. No injuries though, just splashed water and mud all over me and the bottom of my pack. All day I had fantasies of getting off trail renting a car seeing what I want to see and going home. I’m going to give it to Delaware Water Gap [135 more miles] and if it continues I will.

Aqua made hot raspberry tea. Yum! I do love the trail and all about it. I think I’m just tired of hurting. We got the pizza. All 3 of us appreciated it. Sobo’s still grumpy though.”

Then Wednesday, September 29, 2004: “Cobweb, Aqua and Sobo are still trying to sleep as the sun is just now waking up. Torch is making breakfast and I’m sitting here looking at another wet day with everything wet. Oh boy. Six miles later with the trail a pond in most places I confessed to Aqua my feelings. I’m done this year. Went through a week of weighing it out and I’m fine with it. I did a 455.3 mile section hike, enjoyed every minute of it and learned a lot. Sobo too. I’ll add my other three section hikes to it and continued filling in the blanks over the years to have a 4th End to End hike. Eventually I want own or run a hostel on the trail. It is my passion in life. [This is accomplished via the Hiker Hollow Hostel in Adkins, VA.] We got off and walked a mile to Fahnestock State Park to the Ranger’s Station. She called us a taxi that took us to Cold Springs, NY Countryside Motel. Nice little place.”

HikeItForward-Final-MediumAt least on virtual paper Rambunny writes with a positive flare reflecting a lot of grit and dogged determination. How does a three-time thru-hiker deal with an injury-filled attempt and having to walk away after a valiant display of diligence and determination? Often with guilt, and disappointment. Rambunny is no different but notice her ability to see the big picture and put the hike in a proper perspective.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

“Ok. I’ve walked 7,332 miles on the AT. I can release the failure feelings.”


Photo on porch: https://sites.google.com/site/sedentarysteve/may24.(continued2)

Photo on the phone: https://www.gofundme.com/yiaqk

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