“Hike It Forward” Reviews

Book Cover 2I’ve never had the opportunity to author a book before self publishing became so easy. It is so exciting to see my adventure in print. I check my book sales on Amazon every day. Thank you one and all for supporting this effort.

I only have six reviews so far but I look forward to receiving some more feedback. I thought I would periodically share some comments others have made about Hike It Forward. Here are two – feel free to check all the others at Amazon.com.

The first comment (actually one of the last chronologically) was made on January 25. This book reader only gave my book three out of five stars, but I thought the review was outstanding and so encouraging. This customer wrote,

Great pics, very good story telling, the state by state was good information.

Good informational read, Not for the atheist lots of nods to God the all powerful , I enjoyed the journal entries.”

I loved the strengths that the reader pointed out – photos, story-telling and trail information. This touches on three of my major goals in publishing my insights concerning the Appalachian Trail. And the reader’s criticism (Not for the atheist, lots of nods to God, the all powerful) highlighted my primary goal – to honor God and to show His character and faithful provision of grace throughout my hike. I attempted to forewarn the reader a little bit with my subtitle, Hiking Strong, Safe, and in the Spirit. It is a spiritual book and is meant to be so. I will take this criticism as a compliment and yet pray that I do not overly offend anyone. My hope is that my book reflects my relationship with the Creator without trying to force my beliefs on others.

Book Cover 2On January 18 I received a five star rating from “Rather Be Hiking.” I was truly humbled by this reader’s comments. Before hiking the trail I engulfed over 20 books  attempting to understand the trail before stepping foot on the path. Rather Be Hiking shared,

“Loved it! I’ve read 25 or so Appalachian Trail journals and this rates in the top 3! Felt like I was hiking along side the author. I especially liked his informative preparations for the journey and his honest sharing of his post Katahdin feelings. A great read. Thanks.”

This reviewBook Cover 2 brought tears to my eyes because the reader seems to have engaged and identified with my journey. It was a thrill for me to write the book as I found myself reliving the thrill of the AT, but I did not know if others would be able to “catch it.” For the reader to say that he/she felt like he/she was hiking alongside me, made this writer’s spirit soar.

I would love for you to read about my life-changing thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail and I would greatly appreciate your honest feedback. If you provide a rating, watch for your comments to show up on this blog. The book is only available as an ebook and must be downloaded on a digital device. If you don’t have a Kindle tablet, you can download a free Kindle app and read it on any tablet (iPad works well) For a quick link to my Amazon site just click on any of the book photos in this post.


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10 thoughts on ““Hike It Forward” Reviews

  1. I know, I’m a slacker. I do intend penning (keyboarding?) a review and will, soon, maybe. Life’s been hectic this and last month and February will be more so. But excuses are like, well, we won’t go there since I’m not an atheist and the Big One will one day call me to account. I do feel a little sorry for any non believer who sallies forth into the wilderness. It must be very confusing to them and lonely. The book inspired me and informed me, not only of the joy of the walk but of a kindred spirit, weak in body and mind, doing each day’s best. Stand by…

    • This post was not designed to cast guilt but to encourage others to consider reading my book. I would love your input, but only at your leisure. Take your time and I hope you enjoy the walk.

      • It’s up on Amazon and I also posted it on my blog and facebook author page. Good luck with HIF!

      • Mike – Thanks so much for your kind review!! I really appreciate the shout outs and the support. I am truly blessed that you enjoyed the book.

  2. janloyd

    Still reading, Dave. Love so many sections, but I thought the chapter on the hostels was particularly interesting. It was fun visualizing each of the different places you stayed. Enjoying the journey with you!

    • Jan – I am so happy to hear that the read is enjoyable. Please take your time. It took 152 days to hike the trail so I will give you twice that much time to complete the book! Every hostel was unique and filled with a special story.

  3. janloyd

    PS Sally at The Booksellers at Austen Landing is very interested in having you share there…reiterated that when I gave her your contact info. So followers of Hike It Forward, keep an eye on that bookstore! http://thebooksellersataustinlanding.com/

    • Jan – I look forward to hearing from Sally. If we are able to connect and make some arrangements, I will post the details on the blog. Thanks for sharing my journey with the bookstore. I trust that your presentations during lent will be well attended and enthusiastically received.

  4. katjandu

    Might I add Dave, that one may download the free Kindle app for their laptop and desktop too! I won’t be reading any more reviews until I’ve read the book in it’s entirety, and written mine.

    • katjandu – I was not aware that you can download the app to a laptop/desktop. I just successfully downloaded to my laptop and the free service worked smoothly. Thanks for the tip and the insight. Thanks so much for obtaining a copy of Hike It Forward – I will look forward to your thoughts.

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