Hike It Forward – Book Review #2

Book Cover 2Last week I shared two reviews of my ebook, Hike It Forward, posted on Amazon.com. Here are two more insights from readers. The first is from Bruce Matson on January 10. Bruce is an author himself – check out his inspiring book: The Race Before Us: A Journey of Running and Faith sold on Amazon. Bruce shared his comments on January 10 and provided me with a five star rating. He gave his comments about my book under the headline: Humble, Honest and Engaging.

I was honored to receive his comments and so pleased to read his insights. Bruce wrote,

“I have read many memoirs about thru-hiking and this stacks up with the best of them. Rowdy avoids a repetitious day-by-day journal approach and makes the material and the Trail very accessible. Its humble and honest and engaging. Dr. D also fills the chapters, more organized by subject, with solid information and tips that will aid anyone considering a thru-hike”

When individuals, that are well read in the Appalachian Trail literature, compare my book with some of the best available, I am so amazed and truly shocked. I did not want my book to be just another journal of a thru-hiker, so I put my experience into topics. I was very pleased to hear Bruce’s positive comment on this approach. Thanks Bruce, for such a gracious and kind review.

Book Cover 2The second review comes from Debbie, who posted her thoughts on January 18. She gave my book four stars with the following headline, “Good read for aspiring AT hikers.” She provided the following comments.

“As someone who has hiked the AT, I probably approached this book differently than a novice hiker would. There is a lot of good information that would be useful to a newbie hiker. I thought the author’s synopsis of the trail at the end of the book was very good. On the downside, the book could have used better editing. The religious/spiritual aspect, that is the underlying theme, was certainly sincere, but less than inspiring. There are lots & lots of books on the AT out there. This one is worth reading!”

I really appreciate this feedback because it comes from a veteran hiker. I am not sure if she has thru-hiked the AT, but she seems quite knowledgeable and well read on the trail. I hope that she is correct in pointing newbie hikers to my book as a good source of trail information, particularly in my synopsis chapter of the trail. Again, my spiritual theme comes out loud and clear although she did not find it very inspiring. This is my fault as a writer because the experience was so inspiring to me, the trail shouted the glory of God, and I was enveloped by the creation and theBook Cover 2 Creator Himself. I do bask in the last words of the reviewer as Debbie gave me a “worth reading” rating – not bad from an individual that has read many books about the trail.

I would love to hear from you if you feel led to read the ebook. It is not available in paperback or hard cover, but only as an electronic download. Kindle tablets or iPads with the free Kindle app provide a nice read. Here is a quick link to the book simply click on any of the photos of the book in the post, or you can just search for Hike It Forward on Amazon.com.

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