Hike It Forward – Book Reviews #3

Book Cover 2This is my third post reflecting some reviews of my ebook, Hike It Forward, available on Amazon.com. Both of these reviews reflect five star ratings and they were the first two reviews I received. I really appreciate Ben and Carol breaking the ice and taking the lead in sharing about my book.

Ben shared his comments right after Christmas, on December 27, 2015, He provided the headline: Accessible, Humorous and Inspiring. He then shares the following insights:

“Great book for anyone who enjoys being out in nature and a must read for anyone considering a journey on the Appalachian Trail (or simply looking for a glimpse at what is involved). Filled with humor, insight, and experiences from a 2000+ mile journey through the woods, Hike It Forward is an enjoyable and inspirational read. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on Trail Animals as well as the lessons the author learned along the way.”

 When I decided to publish a book, I felt like I was putting myself on display for the possibility of both applause and rotten tomatoes. I knew that not everyone would like or appreciate my style, but would anyone like it? It was like putting up an original painting for auction not knowing whether it will go for a reasonable price or be passed by without a bid at all. So Ben’s review was a great breath of fresh air, a statement of appreciation that thrilled my heart and humbled my spirit simultaneously. Thank you, Ben. Your words made my Christmas holiday!

Book Cover 2Carol responded with a second voice on December 30, 2015 (Carol and Ben were my only two reviews posted last year). Her headline alone was a wonderful show of support: Excellent Read for Anyone Considering Hiking the Appalachian Trail! I did not meet Carol on the trail but she was a fellow pilgrim in 2014. It was such a privilege to hear from her. Her review is so kind and powerful.

“I hiked three fourths of the trail in 2014 and loved reading this book! David’s account strikes a truthful balance between being respectful of the challenges on the trail, but not allowing that to prevent you from experiencing all the goodness the trail has to offer. The book is loaded with solid, well researched information that will be especially helpful to anyone who wants to move hiking the AT from their “bucket list” to reality. David tells his story with humor and great honesty. If you are considering hiking the AT in 2016 this is definitely a “must read!”

Book Cover 2Thank you, Carol, for a glowing review and inspiring comments. They mean a great deal to me as one hiker to another! Happy Trails – God is faithful.

If you haven’t checked out my ebook and would like to it is available on Amazon. For a quick link to my book just click on any of the book photos on this post.

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2 thoughts on “Hike It Forward – Book Reviews #3

  1. Eric Krueger

    I read your book and loved it! I have read about 6 similar AT thru hike books and yours is unique and among the best. I have a SOBO thru hike on my bucket list when I retire…8 more years at 66.

    • Eric – Thanks for taking a chance on my book. I am so happy to know that you enjoyed it. I read several AT books before I started my adventure and they provided a good introduction to my experience. Every thru-hike is different and unique but a general idea of what to expect is so important. I wish you the best on your bucket list. SOBO is the hard way and I admire your sense of challenge and determination. May the wilderness of Maine and the Whites of New Hampshire inspire you all the way to Georgia! Let me know if I can help you with any insights during your preparation.

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