Two Peas In Rocksylvania

Cypress and Moonbeam 1The Two Peas are hiking well. My last post found Big Cypress and Moonbeam in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, on May 23 (Day 101 of their adventure). Their last recorded post was recorded on May 31, (after a zero day in Port Clinton/Hamburg) from the Eckville Shelter, 14 miles north of Port Clinton. Their eight-day journey through some of the rocks of Pennsylvania included four days of 17.5+ mile hiking.

They encountered two rattlesnakes this past week. The first face-to-face brought panic to Moonbeam, who stepped just feet from the snake, until she and Big Cypress discovered that the rattler was just chilling in the sun (that’s quite an oxymoron: chilling…in the sun) and slithered into the woods after being awakened from its sunbathing. The second meeting, with a different snake of course, ended much the same: no rattle, no aggression and no incident, but a great story to tell.

On May 25, they commented on the tent worm and inch worm invasion on the trail. “We had a tough day with the tent worms and inch worms repelling from their threads and getting on us ALL day!! Eewww yucky!! An all out invasion!! We had to pick them off each other.”

Two Peas.Beard

With the Beard

The Two Peas arrived in Port Clinton on May 29 and hitched a ride down to Hamburg (about 3 miles) to the Microtel Inn, their home for the next two nights. The hitch-hiking experience was interesting. The first car to pass by was a police car. The Two Peas weren’t sure if it were legal to hitch in PA so they put their thumbs down and just walked. The next car to pass did not stop for their outstretched thumbs, but they noticed that the police car had turned around and was headed their way. They knew they were going to get a ride or a ticket. They got a ride! It is illegal to hitch-hike in Pennsylvania but the state trooper drove them into Hamburg without so much as a lecture.

Without the Beard

Without the Beard

Their zero day in Hamburg was to include a mail drop that never arrived, so they spent some time (and money) resupplying at Wal-Mart. Their hike to the shelter was filled with some rocky trails but they found a very nice place to spend the night. “Arrived at Eckville Shelter at 4 pm. Set up tent, Big Cypress took scissors to his beard-too hot and flies getting stuck in it. We got showers, yes shower from solar shower and not hot but not freezing! Flush toilet too!”

Go, Two Peas, go! 109 days on the trail and making good miles through Rocksylvania.

To see their entire journal goto  HIF Cover Published

Tomorrow – an update on Dulcigal and Fat Hen/Rooster Talon

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