Dulcigal and Fat Hen/Rooster Talon – Both in Daleville, Virginia

DalevilleDulcigal (Karla from Jackson, Georgia) began her thru-hike on March 13 and on Day 83 (June 3) of her adventure she posted a journal post from Daleville, Virginia.

Fat Hen (Dan) and Rooster Talon (Becky) started their trek on March 19 and on June 3rd (Day 77 of their thru-hike) they arrived at the same trail town of Daleville, Virginia.

Will they meet? Will they show up in each other’s journal? It is kind of like an Appalachian Trail soap opera. If not in Daleville, maybe soon. I will keep you updated.

My last post regarding Dulcigal, found her in Pearisburg, Virginia (mile 631) on May 26. She submitted a journal entry on May 29 from The Captain’s Place, a camping area about 30 yards from the trail. She had just missed a big hiker feed the night before – 200 hikers were there (I would have purposely missed that huge of a gathering). In order to get to the camping area, the hiker must ride a zip line over a creek. Dulcigal commented on the fun zipping into camp. She spent the night at The Captain’s Place before moving on down the trail.

McAfee Knoc

Dulcigal at McAfee Knob

Five days of hiking and 72.2 miles later, Dulcigal posted from Daleville, VA. She commented on reaching McAfee Knob and loving the view. Lots of rain had fallen over the five-day trek and so had many hikers. Rain mixed with the rocks and dirt of the path result in a very slippery trail.  One female hiker had fallen and broken her leg. On another day, a male hiker took a tumble and fractured his wrist. It only takes a slippery step to end your adventure.

Dulcigal has heard that there is a hiker festival being held in Troutville, just a few miles down the road. She is planning on heading that way to enjoy the festivities.

Fat Hen.6.1.16

Fat Hen near Tinker Cliffs

Meanwhile, Fat Hen and Rooster Talon posted a journal entry on June 3 after 19 days of silence. They were in Damascus on May 15, they spent the Memorial Day weekend with Dan’s family (they did not share where Dan’s parents are from but they drove 7 ½ hours one way to pick them up), and then they put things in high gear, hiking over almost 60 miles in 3 days. One day they hiked until early in the morning! Only the young bucks can do stuff like this. Here is part of their post:

“We hiked 56 miles in 2 1/2 days. Two of those days were at 23.5 miles. thats a lot for us and we picked some of the roughest (and prettiest) terrain we’ve seen in a while. One day we hiked until 1:30 am. We don’t recommend it. It was all worth it though and it was fun to see the limits of our abilities. We hope to increase our daily mileage from here on out.”

Dulcigal, Fat Hen and Rooster Talon continue to be in my prayers as they hike northbound toward the incredible state of Maine. They have completed approximately 1/3 of the AT, but still have 1,460+ miles to go. Multiply the days on the trail by three and Dulci will need a total of 249 days to complete her thru-hike and Hen/Rooster will finish after 231 days on the trail. Unfortunately, the trail gets more difficult as the hikers move north. After a zero day in Daleville, I left this restful town on Day 49 of my thru-hike (and I was not a very fast hiker).

Map of Daleville: https://acornhikestheat.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/trail-report-pearisburg-va-to-waynesborova-857-miles/

Dulcigal photo: http://www.trailjournals.com/photos.cfm?id=1034207&back=1

Fat Hen photo: http://www.trailjournals.com/photos.cfm?id=1033423

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