Two Peas – On the Trail in Connecticut

Without the Beard

Moonbeam and Big Cypress

My last post about the Two Peas (Moonbeam and Big Cypress), thru-hikers from Florida, found the adventurers in Port Clinton, PA ready to take on the rocks of Pennsylvania. That was May 31. They have made great progress since then, so let me catch you up on their journey.

They completed their hike through Pennsylvania on June 4th, plowed through New Jersey by June 10, trekked on through New York and arrived in Connecticut on June 15. Their post on June 17 came from Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut where they are enjoying a much needed zero day of rest, pizza, and soaking sore feet.

The last two weeks have been rather difficult for the Floridians, especially for Moonbeam. The journey is taking a toll on her physically and emotionally. On June 6 she shares, I am “struggling to find happiness with this hike,” and again on June 14, “I’ve been very very emotional since leaving Greenwood Lake. My tears have been flowing unabated….daily! Tough on hiker bodies and feet. I want to finish, but I don’t want to hike anymore! It’s a difficult mix, not wanting to be a person that quits but on the same hand not wanting to hike anymore! They have been on the trail for 126 days and have about 715 miles to reach Mount Katahdin. My prayers are with them as they make decisions moving northward.

Lehigh Gap, PA

Lehigh Gap, PA

The two made it through Rocksylvania and commented on the scary climb out of Palmerton and Lehigh Gap. This is one of the most challenging climbs outside of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Moonbeam’s adjectives: scary and precarious! They arrived in Delaware Water Gap on the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey glad to enter a new state and needing a trip to urgent care for Moonbeam’s infected toe. Church the next day filled their ears with an encouraging message seemingly “aimed” just for them.

The 73 miles of New Jersey was accomplished in just four days as the Two Peas averaged 19.5 miles a day! They commented on the beauty of Sunfish Pond, the sunny days, and filtering/drinking clean mountain-stream water the color of tea.

CreameryThe hike across New York brought little rain and drinking water became more difficult to find. Their journal records the special treat at the creamery of Bellvale Farms (some of the best ice cream of my thru-hike), the “joys” of the Lemon Squeezer (a rock formation that requires a skinny body and gymnastic-like moves to navigate without taking off one’s backpack), the walk-through of the zoo (the AT goes right through the zoo), and the pause at the railroad station located right on the trail.

The last journal posting, written from their zero day in Connecticut, reflects the refreshment of resting tired legs and sore feet. There seems to be a renewed communication between the Peas and a deep trust in God for moving forward. I will try to keep you up-to-date as they record their journey.

Quotes from Two Peas Journal:

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