The Two Peas – Latest Update

Moonbeam and Big Cypress

Moonbeam and Big Cypress

The Two Peas (Moonbeam and Big Cypress) put in some good mileage over the past several days. They averaged 17. 6 miles per day from June 18-23, then they took a Nero Day (3.0 miles) into Dalton, Massachusetts. They have hiked through Connecticut and walked past the 1500 mile spot at Brassie Broke Shelter on June 19. Moonbeam posted their latest journal entry on the 23rd of June – 65 miles later in the trail town of Dalton. They are staying at the Shamrock Inn – my choice of sleeping arrangements when I visited this quaint little town in 2014.

Moonbeam commented on the beauty of the Housatonic River during their last day’s walk through Connecticut on Saturday, June 18. Massachusetts, on June 19, brought a 12 hour day of hiking resulting in 17.6 miles and several lessons along the way. She mentions lessons on communication, positive speech, and trust in God. It sounds like a long day but one filled with insight and truth.

The trail on June 20 provided an amazing view from Mount Bushnell. The concern for the day, however, was water. Many streams are dry making hydration difficult. Moonbeam describes the situation as “brutal.” During the night, God sent some water in the form of severe thunderstorms. The weather brought bright lightning and cracks of thunder very close to their campsite, then heavy rain but just for a short amount of time. It was sunny in the morning but their tent was wet for the morning commute.

Upper Goose Pond Cabin

Upper Goose Pond Cabin

The Two Peas made it to a very popular spot along the trail on June 21 as they stayed at the Upper Goose Pond Cabin. The sleep was refreshing, the pancakes in the morning were marvelous, and Big Cypress got to take a swim in the pond – an experience he was hoping to dive into. The next day provided another long day of hiking and another 17+ mile trek. They stopped at the Cookie Lady’s house but she was not there. They filled up with water at her spigot and moved on. I am so sorry they missed this angel of the trail. I thought she was such a special lady.

Moonbeam and Big Cypress camped at the Kay Wood Shelter before hiking into Dalton on June 23. By the way, Kay Wood was a long-time volunteer with the Massachusetts Appalachian Trail Management Committee. She was involved in the shelter design used in Massachusetts and the first shelter of this design, built in 1980, was named after her. Kay was an accomplished hiker and completed a successful thru-hike in 1989 at the age of 70.

The 3 mile hike into the town allowed the Two Peas to spend the day in Dalton resting, enjoying some good food, and planning their next week of hiking.

Oh my, I just checked the Two Peas’ journal before posting this and here is their last post:

“Moonbeam broke her femur today and was air lifted after rescue crew pulled her off the trail she is now at Albany NY hospital having a rod surgically placed the length of her thy [thigh] bone she will update later thanks for all your prayers and support.”

Please join me in praying for this special couple, far from their home in Florida.

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