Dulcigal Back on the Trail

Dulcigal posted an encouraging entry on her online journal last Wednesday, July 6.

Peach tree road raceHer entry on June 29th reviewed her severe case of kidney stones on the trail, two visits to two emergency rooms in two different hospitals, two days in ICU, followed by three more days in the hospital, and finally, a road trip back home for rest. Since then, Dulci has been enjoying some time with her family while getting the much needed rest and relaxation. She met her family at Piedmont Park as her children ran to the finish line of the world’s largest 10k…the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, GA. Running the Peachtree has been one of her favorite yearly events but this year she needed to just sit, cheer, and watch.

The post on July 6th reads, “Every day I am getting stronger, but I still have to take it easy. With that being said, my sons (Jeremiah and Isaac) are bringing me back to the trail this weekend (July 9th/10th). I will be taking it nice and slow, slack packing as well, and seeing how it goes. They will be with me for the week to hike so all is good. I am excited about getting back to the trail.”

Dulcigal.quarter of the wayDulci writes about the real possibility of doing a flip-flop. A flip-flop is a thru-hike that begins down south in Georgia and then at some point leaves the trail, travels to Maine while the weather is still good, and hikes southbound back to the spot of the flip-flop. She shares that she has several options to get to Maine if she needs to change directions.

After a recent visit to her urologist, she found out that her kidneys are full of stones, but they are too small for “invasive treatment”. The doctor prescribed lots of water with lemon juice and a careful eye on what she eats. For a thru-hiker with hiker hunger, a discerning eye on one’s diet will be no small task.

Dulci is so excited to get back on the Appalachian Trail. She and her sons planned to leave this past weekend. She has not posted since but she was headed to Pinnacles Picnic area in the Shenandoah National Park where her kidney stones forced her off trail.

Her excitement to hike again is captured in her last journal entry, I cannot wait to get back to the trail. I needed the rest and recovery and I know that I will be starting slow and will have to rebuild my strength. However, even during this difficult time, I have believed that my journey was not over…at least not yet…that God got me this far and He will continue to carry me until He tells me otherwise.”

I’ll keep you posted as Dulcigal adds to her journal.

Road Race Photo: http://www.ajc.com/news/news/road-closures-2015-ajc-peachtree-road-race/nmp5r/

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