New Local Trails

Rocky and I have discovered some local parks recently that have escaped our past research into nice places to take a hike.

Grant Park SignThe first location is Grant Park in Centerville. Ohio. Grant Park is a 189 acre natural area. The trails we found so far run beside the lovely sound of a babbling creek, around a wonderful meadow filled with wildflowers, and through a cool canopy of trees. The terrain in the park has a few nice climbs but overall it is a fairly easy walk. Parking leading to easy access to the trailheads is available at Normandy Elementary School on Normandy Ridge Road, Hadley Watts Middle School on McEwen Road, and at Kennard Nature Nook on McEwen Road.

Mimi at Grant ParkAn evening walk this week at Grant Park brought some wildlife to the path for us to enjoy. We startled a deer in the woods, heard the eerie call of a hidden owl in the tree branches, and observed a dozen rabbits darting across the trail to the safety of the tall grass. This new-found trail will be part of our routine hikes this summer I am sure.

Bill Yeck Park is a 194 acre natural area including 8 miles of hiking trails. Rocky and I have just taken a short, four-five mile starter hike within the park but it promises to be a very special area. Sugar Creek flows through the park allowing us to cross the stream several times on our journey. We have not visited this part of the park but there is a feature called the Tri-centennial Time Trail. Established 1996, the time trail is a tract of land representing 100 years of natural growth. Each year another unmown section is added, creating a trail that shows how a field turns into a forest. We are anxious to explore this area.

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