Cox – a lovely evening hike

COX FlowersRocky and I took a quick evening hike to Cox Arboretum this week. As we began walking one of the trails, we noticed the severity of blown downs along the path. We passed a hiker walking in the opposite direction and Rocky commented to him about the number of fallen trees and branches. He shared that the arboretum had experienced 65 mile/hr winds earlier that day. We live a 20 min. drive from the park and did not notice a major windstorm at our house. At the end of our hike, near sundown, we discovered roofers on top of the nature center repairing damage to the building. There might have been a major straight-lined windstorm that blitzed through the area.

COX PondBy the time we arrived a Cox, it was a beautiful evening with only small areas of mud along the otherwise dry path. We enjoyed the flowers and the well-maintained paths. There are several ponds along the way, the homes of turtles, fish, and frogs. Our little hike ended with a nice sway on a porch-style swing together talking about family and the blessings of life.

Not all of our hikes are in the woods of Ohio. Recently we hoofed it through the Savannah, down the Amazon, and deep into the African jungle – better known as the Cincinnati Zoo. Rocky and I took two of our grandsons (ages 7 and 9) to enjoy the animals. FlamingosThe boys enjoyed Insect World and the 4D Movie theater best of all, but I delighted in watching gorillas, flamingos, okapi, hippos, and African painted dogs move about in the coolness of the morning sun. I also liked watching my grandsons watch the animals with their boyish wide eyes and inquisitive minds. The hike through so many continents was tiring and all four of us were ready to return to our homes in Dayton by mid-afternoon. The crowds of homosapiens began to far outnumber the maximum comfort level for my introverted personality, so we folded the tent (figuratively), packed up our gear, and left the parking lot. Until next time, porcupine….bye bye, butterfly…see you soon Mr. Baboon.

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2 thoughts on “Cox – a lovely evening hike

  1. Dick Hockenberry

    Hey Dave, I have enjoyed every story and trip. Now you’re talking about places we have visited frequently. You might check out Hills & Dales Park in Oakwood which runs between two parks.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Dick – good to share some favorite spots. Rocky and I have hiked Hill & Dales Park. We tried to hike all the MetroParks last summer and enjoyed most of them very much.

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