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Taylorsville: Day Two

The Buckeye Loop

Our Sunday evening church service on March 11th was canceled, so Rocky and I decided to return to Taylorsville MetroPark for an afternoon hike in hopes of finishing all the trails at the park. The day before we had walked the 6.8 miles of blazed trails and today we were headed toward the estimated 7 miles of unmarked trails including the Buckeye Trail Loop, the Bridgewater Loop, The Blue Heron Loop, and the Observation Deck Loop. I like the idea of a loop trail. They sound easy and, in theory, should just take the hiker in a nice, simple circle. However, because of our experience the day before on marked trails that were supposed to be loops but were hard to find, I was a little apprehensive about finding our way on unmarked trails.

Contrary to my misgivings, the trails on Day Two were easy to navigate and the loops were simple to follow. I think my favorite trail of the day was the Buckeye Trail Loop. It began with a long straight tunnel of trees that made the corridor a rather unusual experience. I want to return in the late spring/early summer when the leaves will provide a lush umbrella over the path. The loop turned south and led us along the Great Miami River for a lovely walk beside the water. The loop was about 2.5 miles and was quite flat and easy. I would recommend this trail to anyone wanting a nice easy stroll in the woods.

Rocky in the Gnarly Wood

We drove across the Taylorsville Dam to the east side and turned right down Bridgewater Road to the Bridgewater Loop. The entrances were closed so we parked our car along the road and hiked to the trailhead. This loop took us as well along the river on the opposite bank and further south from the Buckeye loop. It was a shorter trail than the Buckeye loop and it had a little elevation change but not much – another easy trail.

Observation Deck Loop

Rocky and I hopped back into our Toyota and drove to a third area that had easy access to both the Blue Heron Loop and the Observation Deck Loop. We walked the Blue Heron Loop first and were greatly disappointed when we did not see one Blue Heron. The path circled an inland lake with ducks and geese but no heron was there posing for my camera. On the opposite side of the parking lot was the Observation Deck Loop. This trail basically encircled a large field. We thought it is was a rather boring trail until we saw two gorgeous bluebirds. Neither Rocky nor I had not seen bluebirds in years and it was a highlight of the day. It was a perfect way to end our time at Taylorsville MetroPark

It is always enjoyable to be with my wife on the trails and today was no exception. The weather was beautiful, the trail was relatively dry, and the conversation/prayer time was sweet. Three more MetroParks to go to complete our thru-hike challenge. Next up: Wesleyan and Wegerzyn.

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