Hike Thru-Hikers Forward: April 30 – May 6

This post was designed to provide an update on the thru-hikers of the Appalachian Trail who I am following via their online journals.  Neither of their journals have been very active, but let me share what I know.  

Mileage – far left

Mileage, is the last thru-hiker of the AT still on the trail from the group of five women called the Hoot. They started their journey on March 21 from Springer Mountain, Georgia. Five Pair (Terri O’Brien), a successful thru-hiker in 2012, led the group. Two hikers dropped out by the end of the first week of the trek and a third, JackRabbit, ended her attempted on April 1 (day 12 of the adventure). Five Pair continued to hike until an ankle injury took her off trail on April 19. The last Hoot, trail-name: Mileage, continues on with a solo hike. Her last post on her online journal was April 25. She had stayed in Erwin, Tennessee on April 24 and had hiked 13.2 miles outside of Erwin to a campsite on the summit of Unaka Mountain on April 25. The journal on the 25th promises updates to come and shares, “Mileage continues her hike and all is well.” I am hoping that update comes soon.

Rock and Roots, David and Annie Rothman, started their AT adventure on March 17, 2021. They have posted twice to their journal in the past week. They detailed their hike on April 30 and then again an update on May 6th. The five days in between are pretty hard to document. However, let me provide a summary.

Roots and Rock

 They encountered two days of major rain-storms. They got drenched including a waterlogged phone that quite working. They arrived in Damascus, Virginia on May 6. They camped the night before at Abington Gap Shelter and hiked the 10.5 miles into town on a welcomed sunny day. Rock picked up some new clothes in Damascus including some new shoes, a t-shirt, and a pair of convertible pants (the legs zipper off and on to make shorts). The couple have boxed up some of the unneeded gear and will be mailing the box back home prior to leaving Damascus.

They are in good spirits and looking forward to the next section of the trail. Three states down (Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee) and they have hiked almost 470 miles of the AT, but Virginia is ahead and it encompasses 550 miles of the trail. They commented on the growing strength in their legs which is making the hiking easier. They ended their last post with this positive statement, “I am making good memories and am looking forward to sharing them.” 

My hopes and prayers are with these three hikers as they continue to make their way north. Hopefully I will have more details next week as we chronicle the days of adventure of these courageous hikers.

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