Hike Thru-hikers Forward: Update

There is no update from Mileage but Rock and Roots have share some news on their thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.

The last journal post of Rock and Roots was June 2, 2021. After waiting for several weeks, an update has been posted. The Rothman’s (David and Annie), trail names Rocks and Roots, updated their online journal through Thursday, June 10. Each post is rather short but let me interpret the best I can.

The couple hiked into Waynesboro, VA. during the evening hours of June 3. They arrived in need of some rest and resupply. They ended up spending four additional days in Waynesboro (June 4, 5, 6, & 7). There are no details about the four-day respite. When they left Waynesboro on the 8th, Root’s parents showed up with lots of food for the journey ahead, so maybe there was a multiple day family visit.

Calf Mountain Shelter

Their first day back of the trail was rather short – 8 miles – from Waynesboro to Calf Mountain Shelter. About 4:30 a thunderstorm greeted them back to the AT. They quickly pulled out their rain gear and continued to hike. The path turned into a stream soaking their feet. Fortunately, the storm only last about 20 minutes. They saw a deer and two rabbits along the trail today. After making it to the shelter, they hung the food in the trees and set up their tent. Tomorrow looks like rain as well but they hope to hike 13 miles.

Blackrock Hut

June 9 started at Calf Mountain Shelter and by design the couple made the 13 miles trek to Blackrock Hut. Rock and Roots woke up, had a good breakfast, pack up their tent, filled their water bottles at a near by spring and hit the trail. During the day they took ma break every two miles due to the weight of their backpacks (one of the few disadvantages of food). They stopped for lunch (a vegan jerky with olives on small tortillas) and continues on listening to an audio book and making plans for visiting home when they reach Harpers Ferry, WV. They arrived at Blackrock a little after 5:00. They successful set up in the shelter and enjoyed mash-up dinner (black bean potato and beet and cauliflower and kale burritos).

The journal post for June 10th shares no hiking details but rather a list of thru-hikers they met along the way: Trapper (from Vermont), John (section hiker), Hikes Pocus (from Florida), Yet (lives in Yellowstone), Popcorn, Two Socks, Skeeter, Sammy, Washer (from Orlando). They ended the list with the statement that they got a shower at the camp store and rested for a while. This is most likely a camp store along the Skyline Drive.

Photos: Calf Mountain Shelter – Calf Mountain Shelter – Wikitrail.org; Blackrock Hut – Blackrock Hut – Shenandoah National Park | Tony’s Hiking Adventure (tonysadventure.com).

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