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Hike 2021 Forward: Week 26

Week 26 (June 25 – July 1) of my year-long personal challenge of walking 2,021 miles in 2021 was productive. I was able to accumulate 50.6 miles. My minimum is 39 miles per week, so I was 11.6 miles over the bar.

Rocky (my wife and occasional hiking buddy) and I took a trip to West Virginia for her mother’s 95 birthday. It was a grand celebration with a house full of family, Nana has a pool so all of her children, some of her grandchildren, and several of her great-grandchildren spent some refreshing time splashing each other and diving into the cool water. I was only able to walk 3.7 miles on Monday, the day of the drive to WV. I got pretty sick Monday evening and spent most of the day in bed on Tuesday (stomach virus) resulting in a zero-day. Fortunately, I had a 10.6 day, an 11.2 day, and an 8.7 day prior to the WV adventure. I also improved on the Wednesday and Thursday after the sick day and managed to walk 7.4 and 9.0 miles respectively.

I smashed the 1200-mile barrier this week ending up at 1241.5 (61.4% complete), leaving 779.5 miles to the finish line (38.6% left to go). Week 26 is the half way point, so I am very pleased with my progress so far.

I saw a blue heron at a local park this week. I have seen him (her) before but it is still a rare encounter for me. I love this big bird. Rocky and I are always on the look out for one of these magnificent feathery friends when we hike the Metroparks in Dayton. It is special to get close to them and then to see them fly is breathtaking. I could not get close enough for a good photo, but the posted photos are proof sighting. I also saw one of my favorite forest friends (the whitetailed deer) while taking a walk in West Virginia. There was a momma and a youngster out for a walk of their own. It is always thrilling to see wildlife. I stood there for several minutes just softly introducing myself to them and assuring them that I was COVID free and was not carrying a gun. They were still not interesting in sitting down for a cuppa. They soon got bored with my introverted ramblings and disappeared into the forest. (the pics are not very good, but there are indeed deer and not large dogs.)

Summer is heating up in Ohio and this week is supposed to be in the 90’s. Looking forward to some forest walks in the shade. I will keep you posted next Monday.     

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