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Hike 2021 Forward: Week 27

Week 27 of my personal walking challenge was rather “weak.” My goal of the year is to walk the year in miles (2,021 miles in 2021). I need to average 39 miles each week and this week (July 2-8) I barely hit the minimum with 40.1 miles. I had several unusual days that cut into my normal hiking time. I traveled back from West Virginia on July 2 after spending a few days celebrating my mother-in-law’s 95th birthday (I managed to walk 5.5 after getting back to Ohio). A special Springboro family get-together on the 3rd (only walked 3.4 miles) and a church-family, poolside, 4th of July party on Sunday (5.9 miles before the party started) filled my weekend. I had two strong days on Monday and Tuesday (totally 20 miles) and a below average day on Wednesday (5.1 miles), which was good because I caught a stomach bug on Thursday and had to take a zero-day. That was probably too much detail for this week, but I thought my low total might need some additional insight.

The highlight of the week for me was Wednesday, July 7. It was Father/Daughter Take  Walk Day and my incredible daughter, Bethany, and I got together for a nice walk at a local park. The walk was nice, but the company was great. We had such a sweet conversation and special time together. I will have to circle July 7 on the calendar for the years to come.

It looks like a rather wet week coming up, but a little shower should not stop the dedicated (mail-carriers and hikers are not discouraged by rain, sleet, hail or snow??). Turn in next Monday for an update on Week 28.

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