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Hike 2021 Forward – Week 28

I have made it through the middle of July and 28 weeks of my personal hiking challenge of walking 2,021 miles in 2021. This week (July 9 – July 15) I was able to pound out 47.6 miles. This week was filled with some technical reading as I am serving on two dissertation committees, and both candidates will defend their research on July 16.

July 9th started out the week with a strong 8.5 miles. The weather was nice with the highs only touching 77 degrees. I has some important social events on Saturday, July 10 including both a celebration party for Tommy, a precious son of a close family friend, who has be proclaimed cancer-free after a long bout with leukemia, and a family get-together of best wishes as four of my grandchildren are off to Utah for several weeks. So, July 10’s walking window only yielded 4.7 miles.

Sunday afternoon (July 11) produced some rain, but I managed to dodge the drops for an average hike (6.4 miles). Monday (July 12) was my best day of the week. Two hikes (one in the morning and the other in the evening) bookended the afternoon showers. I took a solo hike around the neighborhood in the morning and then took a nice walk with my wife and daughter at a local park about 7:00 pm for a total of 12.1 miles.

Several conference calls and Zoom meetings dominated my day on Tuesday (July 13). The needed demands of the yard invaded my walk time and then when I began to make my neighborhood loop, the rains let loose catching me a mile away from home. By the time I reached my front door, I was drenched and only had 2.9 miles to show for the entire day.

Balancing out another Zoom meeting, an evening Bible Study, and a morning conference at my bank, 5.8 miles was my total hiking yield for Wednesday. July 14.  Thursday the 15th completed the week with 7.2 miles as I combined two shorter hikes. I walked to my church and back (2 miles one way) and then a quick stroll around the neighbor hood in the afternoon.

I have hiked a tad over 1,329 miles leaving less than 700 miles to complete the journey (more accurately – 692 miles). I am hoping that Week 29 will be another good one. The weather looks promising with several sunny days.  

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