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Hike 2021 Foward: Week 30

The challenge: Hiking 2,021 miles during the calendar year of 2021. Week 30 (July 23-29) of this personal walking challenge flipped over two major mile markers: I broke through the 1400 mile marker (1,434.5) and now I have less than 600 miles (586.5) to the finish line! The weather was good (a tad hot, but I am not complaining) and my schedule gave me several nice time windows to enjoy the outside. Most of the miles were pounded out around the neighborhood but I did have one relaxing hike (9.2 miles) in the woods at Sugarcreek MetroPark.

I walked a total of 48.7 miles this week averaging a smidge under 7 miles per day. In order to complete the walking challenge within the calendar year I need to average 39 miles each week. Since January 1, I have averaged 47.8 miles per week. If I can maintain that weekly pace of 47.8 miles, I will complete the challenge in just over 12 more weeks – that would be during the last week of October. Sorry for all the numbers but it is just how my mind works. SO…. here are a few more: in order to complete the challenge before the end of the year, I only need to average 22.65 miles per week. If you know me at all, you know which goal I have re-established for myself – a minimum of 48 miles each week. I think I can do it if I stay healthy, if the weather cooperates, and if I remain motivated.

The neighborhood is being redecorated this summer with lovely yellow, green, blue, orange, and black conduits. Some sections of the sidewalks, portions of the tree-lawns, and strategic spots in the roads have been dug up by brand new, shiny, quiet machinery up on practically every street in area in order to plant these beautiful pipes in the ground. The workers are very time sensitive and never begin their shifts before 7:00 am. Some of the holes have been covered with top quality plywood while others have shiny metal plates to better protect us walkers from joining the pipes in the trenches. We might be able to enjoy these lovely coverings permanently because there is no sign of a crew that might be removing the wood-grain sidewalk paneling and replacing it with our old ugly green grass.  I think the planting is taking too long for us to see any benefit this summer, but I can’t wait to see the yellow, green, blue, orange and black trees and flowers next spring.  

I obviously have not taken many photos of the construction (as beautiful as it is). Stay tuned for another report next Monday – Week 31 coming up.

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