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Hike Thru-hikers Forward – Update July 31

Bad news: good news: bad news.

Bad news – The online journal of thru-hiker Mileage remains silent. Her last post was over a month ago, July 1.

Good news – Rock and Roots have updated their journal and brought us up to July 31st .

Bad News –  The journal of Rock and Roots is not very specific on the destinations and mileage accomplished each day and there two big gaps in their journey. However, let me share what I know for sure and leave most of the speculations alone.

July 11 – Rocks and Roots arrived a Delaware Water Gap on the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. During the next five days they hiked through New Jersey (73.6 miles) and entered the state of New York on July 16. During this trek, they experienced the blessings of trail magic (free food offered by trail angels) three days in a row. They also experienced a major issue with mosquitoes to the point of packing up their stuff inside their tent before dropping their tent and breaking camp. They reported seeing two porcupines along the trail. They also visited the Mohican Outdoor Center (1300-mile marker) and enjoyed some vegetarian food.     

RR Platform on the AT

The next six days are blank in their journal, but they report arriving at the Appalachian Trail Railroad Station (mile 1444.8) on July 23 with plans to take the train on July 24 into New York City and Manhattan Island. They pitched their tent at a camping area behind the Native Landscapes and Garden Center just down the road from the Railroad platform.

Three days later, July 28, is the next journal entry. Rock and Roots shared that they woke up at Caesar Brook campsite (mile 1476.0) in Connecticut and trekked to Limestone Spring Shelter, also in Connecticut. They ran into a trail maintenance crew working hard building rock steps. Later they encountered a lovely waterfall and soaked their feet in a cool pool. This was a 15.6-mile hike. The journal also shared that Roots has unfortunately been struggling with stressful emotions this week.

Wachy Chad

On July 29, the couple left Limestone Spring Shelter, walked to Salisbury, CT (which is just 0.5 miles off the AT), enjoyed some time in this quiet, upscale community, and then continued to hike into Massachusetts camping at Glen Brook Shelter. They summited Bear Mountain, the highest peak along the AT in Connecticut.  They were thrilled to enter the state of Massachusetts, cross over the 1500-mile marker, and complete an 18-mile day.   

Rock and Roots planned a short day on July 30. Their 8-mile trek ended at US 7 which crosses over the AT. They were able to get a free ride into the town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts. They also took a zero day in Great Barrington on July 31, as they focused on refueling, resupplying, and refreshing. They took a trip into town and were entertained by street performers. They mentioned be enthralled with Wacky Chad and his performance. I have included a picture of Wacky Chad and encourage you to check him out on YouTube.  

So, Rock and Roots have hiked through New Jersey (73.6 miles), New York ( 88.3 miles), and Connecticut (another 50.6 miles) for a total of 212.5 miles of trail. Rocks and Roots hiked this distance in 20 days, averaging 9.92 miles a day.  

Photo: NJ/NY border and the NY/CT border – The Rough Collection; Railroad Platform – The Appalachian Trail Rail Station | The Zen Hiker; Wacky Chad – kickin’ it elmer style: Wacky Chad (elmer-family.blogspot.com)

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