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Hike Thru-hikers Forward: Update August 12

No updates from the Appalachian Trail. Both the online journal from Mileage and virtual postings from Rock & Roots are silent. I have heard nothing from Mileage since July 1. I posted a concern on her site, but I have received no response. Either she has abandoned the journal, or she has abandoned the trail. My hopes and prayers are with her. It would be great to hear that she is out there still hiking north.

Rock and Roots posted on July 31 from Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Great Barrington is about 15 miles north of the Connecticut/Massachusetts border with another 75 miles in MA before Rocks and Roots step on the trail in New Hampshire.

Sorry that I have no words, photographs, smoke signals, emails, or coded messages from the thru-hikers this week. I will keep checking their journals and update you when I hear any news.  

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