Hike Fun Forward – Special Days: September 12-18

September 12 – Day of Encouragement

Encouragement is invaluable and yet it can be very inexpensive and often free. Words and expressions of encouragement can literally turn someone’s life around and change a depressed attitude into the determination and perseverance. September 12th is encouragement day. This day is designed to uplift others and find ways to edify and positively build into the lives of others.

This is another one of those national days that should be a regular and normal flow in our daily experience. Notice and then let people know when you see a job well done or an act of kindness or an amazing talent. Celebrate accomplishments; call a friend just to say how much you appreciate your relationship; text a family member who maybe going through a rough patch; attend someone’s concert or play or game or recital or exhibit.

September 13 – Uncle Sam Day

This day commemorates Sam Wilson the man behind the iconic image. Sam was born on September 13, 1766. He was a meatpacker from Troy, New York who supplied barrels of meat to US soldiers during the War of 1812. The soldiers started to call the good food as a delivery from Uncle Sam.

The first illustration of Uncle Sam was published in 1861 by Harper’s Weekly and Sam wears a starred bandana and a striped vest. Over the decades, Uncle Sam has changed his fashion statement. Illustrator Thomas Nash developed a long-legged Sam with a starred top hat and striped pants. The US Army awarded Montgomery Flagg with the artistic task of providing an image of Sam for the “Uncle Sam Wants You!” campaign during World War 1.  

See how many images you can find of Sam as you celebrate our great country.

September 14- Live Creative Day

Be creative; allow others to see your creativity; expand and explore your imagination. Take some time today to invent something new, discover a hidden talent, try an out-of-the-box experience. Paint, sing, garden, write. Design a new board-game, create a PowerPoint presentation, or compose a song. Infuse creativity in your life through a variety of media. Renew a hobby that has hibernated. Take a class to learn a new one.

You get the idea – live out your God given creativity.

September 15 – Three Food Celebrations Today

Enjoy some good food today. It is Cheese Toast Day. It is Linguine Day. It is Double Cheeseburger Day. Pick any one of the these three delicious options on the menu, and you will spot on target for a September 15 celebration

September 16 – Mayflower Day

No, this has nothing to do with flowers like the May Apple or moving across the country with a popular moving company. This day of the year commemorate the sailing of the Mayflower from Plymouth, England in 1620.It left the harbor with 102 colonists on board, better known as the pilgrims.

Take more time today to explore their 66 days at sea, their adaptive destination from Virginia to Massachusetts, their eventual settlement, and the Mayflower Compact. Who many of the 102 colonists survived the journey of the Mayflower? Who was the captain of the Mayflower? There are many good sources to dig a little deeper into this major event that shaped our country but here are two:  11 Lesser-Known Facts about the Mayflower and Thanksgiving (ucf.edu) and At the helm of history: The story of the Mayflower’s master (mayflower400uk.org).

September 17 – Hug Your Boss Day

Okay, so hugging the boss might be rather inappropriate in some cases. It might be real awkward and even unprofessional, but encouraging your boss (see September 12) just might be priority in life. If not a hug, then a high-five or a thumbs up. If COVID makes personal appearances difficult, try a text, email, or a personal note. The warm fuzzy might be absent but the encouragement might be felt even through your half-face midden by your mask.

If you have a good boss, a supportive leader, a positive work environment, let your boss know with a grateful attitude, and thankful spirit, and words of appreciation.

September 18 – Clean Up Day

Can you even imagine what next week would look like if every person in our country picked up ten pieces of litter? From the east to the west, from the big cities to the small towns, the environment would begin to shine. Think of the trails, the mountains, the lakes, the parks – oh my how pristine they would look.

I love the hiking/camping concept of “Leave No Trace” and this Clean-up Day follows hand and glove. I am hoping to commence with a clean-up week. I hike almost every day and this week I plan to hike with a garbage bag and see how much clean-up I can do around my neighborhood and in the MetroParks. It should be loads of fun and productive as well.

Photo: Encouragement – PRIDE = Positive, Recognise, Involve, Develop, Evaluate – Key Steps Corporate Training; Uncle Sam –samuel-wilson-united-states-uncle-sam-i-want-you-pointing-finger.jpg (800×1076) (pngguru.com); Mayflower – The incredible story of the Mayflower: the ship that shaped America – Best Travel Tale; Creativity – How to Actually Finish the Creative Projects You Start – Business 2 Community; Cheeseburger – The Ultimate Cheeseburger – My Food and Family; Hug – Attention Brits – Tomorrow is National Hug Your Boss Day – The Daily Brit; Clean-up How to Host a Community Clean Up Day – Nutrien Health

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