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Hike 2021 in 2021 Forward – Week 41

Week 41 of my personal walking challenge started on October 1, 2021. My goal for the year was to walk 2,021 miles in 2021. I reached that goal on Tuesday, October 5, 2021. I was able to hike 44.7 miles in five days to cross the finish line.  

I took a look at my mileage per month and noted the following:

January                 188.8 miles (cold temperatures and weak legs)

February              190.9 miles (only 28 days )

March                   205.99 miles (first month over the 200-mile mark)

April                       187.37 miles (the weakest month of the year – Spring rains and a dip in motivation)

May                       228.4 miles (warmer days make for good hiking)

June                      231.0 miles (Consistent pace with May)

July                        219.5 miles (possible heat factor)

August                  249.8 miles (Finish line getting cloer)

September         277.1 miles (Best Month – the finish line can really motivate me)

October               44.7 miles (not bad for five days)

I thoroughly enjoyed the walks.

In the last three years I have had the joy to complete three hiking challenges: The Amerithon in 2019 (3,521 miles), 2020 in 2020 and 2021 in 2021 for a total of 7,562 miles. God is so faithful in providing me with the strength and opportunity to walk and enjoy His creation; to meet new people and hike with my sweetheart; and to breath in the fresh air of winter, spring, summer and fall.

Three Shirts to choose from for my Next Hike

Now what?  – I have taken a few days off, but the next goal is to reach the mileage of the Appalachian Trail – this year it is 2,193.1 (In 2014 I only had to hike 2,185.3 – the AT changes from year to year because of new land acquisitions and additions to the official path.) That means an additional 172.1 miles.

After obtaining that mileage goal, I might consider hiking with purpose or a goal as opposed to a particular distance. For example, one day might Pick Up Trash Day about the neighborhood while I walk. Another day might be to Connect with People as I walk and see if I can encourage them or pray for them. Another day might be an “Iron Sharpens Iron” day as I invite a friend or mentor to hike and talk about life. Another day might be a Prayer Day where I get alone in the woods and spend some time praying for family and friends and the needs of others around the world. Any ideas? Post a suggestion for me.

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Hike 2021 in 2021 Forward – Week 40

The 40th week of 2021 ended on September 30. The weather was perfect for hiking, and I tried to make the most of it. I was able to fit in three hikes at local Metroparks (Twin Creek, Germantown, and Sugar Creek) and I averaged just a tad over ten miles a day for a total of 70.4 miles for the week. That total is the best for the year, barely beating my total two weeks ago of 70.1 miles. Although the woods hiking is more strenuous than the neighborhood sidewalks, I so enjoy trekking on the paths of the forest and breathing in the endorphins of nature. Cement just does not compare to the leaf-covered trails; the cars and trucks don’t score quite as high as the deer or even the box turtle you might meet on the orange trail at Twin Creek.

The goal of walking the year in miles is getting very close. At the end of week 40, I have accumulated 1,978.86 miles leaving just over 42 miles to the finish line. If all goes well, I should complete the personal walking challenge next week.  

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