About the Hike

I love to hike. For many years I have hiked the trails of West Virginia and Ohio. In 2013, I was able to log over 1200+ miles. There is nothing more peaceful then hiking in the woods early in the morning, listening to the music of the birds and the feeling the new day’s air on your face. Something special occurs within me while walking under the canopy of the forest and being enveloped by the quietness of the trail. I experience a unique connection with my God in those times of breathing in His creation and seeing the beauty of what He has made.

In 2014 I began the biggest hike of my lifetime. To the best of my knowledge I had never stepped foot on the Appalachian Trail prior to April 26, 2014. In God’s grace and strengthened by His power I was able to hike the entire distance (thru-hike) during the spring and summer and early fall of 2014 (over 2100 miles). I hope that this blog will serve as an informational portal for those who desire to know more about this incredible adventure.

Starting Date: April 26, 2014

The Starting Line: Springer Mountain, GA. – North of Atlanta

The Finish Line: Mount Katahdin, ME.

The Goal:    1. To Thru-Hike the Appalachian Trail (2,186 miles)… 14 States (Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York,  Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine).

2. To raise scholarship money to help students attend Christian school. All money raised from the hike went toward providing tuition assistance to families that desire to send their child(ren) to Dayton Christian or Xenia Christian School.


15 thoughts on “About the Hike

  1. oureverydayadventures365

    Nice one. My cousin did it a few years back. Look forward to following along!


  2. Terry Lynn Ryan Bailes

    Dave, let me know when you are getting close to Harper Ferry. I would be happy to meet you. If need you can have things sent to my house. Would love to have you come over if you have time to visit. Just let me know.


    • Terry,

      How close to Harpers Ferry do you live? I would love to see you again and catch up on all the Ryan history that has past under the bridge since the good old days!


  3. Nicole Durham

    My husband and I are going in a few years, I look forward to reading about your adventures.


    • I am excited for you and your husband. What a life-changing adventure to experience together. I hope my hike can add to your preparation.


  4. January 26, 2014 I’ve known you for many years Dave and am so proud of the man you’ve become. This is a very worthwhile adventure you will embark upon soon. It is a privilege to uplift you in prayer and financial support. Sincerely with the love of your entire family. Dee or Nana


    • Dee,

      Thanks so much for your support and your special words of encouragement. You have influenced my life so much over the years and I am so thankful for your faith and example.


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  6. I am looking forward to reading about your AT adventure. I want to do this in 2016 and I am using this goal as an inspiration for me to lose weight and save my life. I pray that you have a great experience.


    • Thank you for checking out my blog. The preparation for the trail has been a great experience for me and I am looking forward to some incredible inner growth as I hike the trail. May God grant you giant steps of transformation during your two years of preparation. Enjoy the months ahead in reading and research (mental preparation) and exercise (physical preparation) for the adventure. I have found my prayer life to be such an important part of my readiness – the spiritual dimension maybe the greatest key for my hike. May God bless your efforts and open the doors for your dreams.


  7. Will you be posting the progress of your hike on this site? Since moving to south-central PA 10 years ago I’ve day-hiked several sections of the AT near where we live; it would be fun to meet you when you’re passing through our region and share some “Trail Magic”. (Though it’s doubtful I’d be able to keep up your thru-hiker’s pace for long!)


    • John – I hope to post from the trail as long as my cell phone has connection and power. I plan to just take a picture and post a short thought each day so folks can follow my path. I’d love to catch you in PA – “trail magic” is always welcome!


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